Overwatch” hero Sombra is one of the most highly-anticipated heroes in the game, yet is often considered the underdog in most team fights. Many believe that she has low damage output and her kit is a bit too weak as compared to the other Offense heroes. In spite of this, Sombra actually proves to be a useful hero when used in a well-coordinated team as she can distract foes and even silence them. For those who are looking into using this character, here are a few basic “Overwatch” tips to help you get started.

Plant your getaway

Sombra’s kit mainly relies on stealth with both her invisibility and translocator.

She can easily slip behind enemy lines undetected and cause some mayhem in the process. If you plan on going to the back lines, make sure you plan a translocator in a safe location. That way, you’ll have an emergency exit in case your situation starts to look bad. Once you’ve teleported back, simply wait for the 4-second cooldown and do the same thing again. Aside from damaging enemies, it’s also a good idea to hack "Overwatch" tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa so you can deprive them of their shields and leave the enemy team defenseless.

Keep track of health packs

Aside from hacking enemies and turrets, "Overwatch" Sombra can also hack health packs to make them spawn faster and deny her opponents from using them.

This is a crucial skill and is a great way to deny the enemy team from heals during critical moments in the fight. Keep track of two or three major health packs scattered throughout the map and keep them hacked during the match. This will also help your team as they can fight near these items to instantly regain stamina while they chip away at their enemies.

EMP with your group

“Overwatch” Sombra’s ultimate ability, EMP, is a massive area-of-effect blast that can hack anything within its radius. While this ability doesn’t hurt enemies, it can prevent them from using their skills or ultimate abilities. Many Sombra players often make the mistake of activating their EMP while their teammates aren’t there to support her.

Not only will this waste your ultimate, but there’s a big chance you’ll get killed in the process. The best strategy here is teaming up with everyone before a big team fight and head in first. While invisible, pop the EMP near the enemy and your team should charge in and deal with the hacked enemies. This is a great way to stop the enemy support heroes from using skills like Resurrect or Sound Barrier to revive or protect their allies.