Overwatch” has a unique set of heroes each having their own skills and abilities. One Support hero named Symmetra helps her team by healing them, but instead holds choke points and grants them shields. She can hold choke points using turrets and protect allies from incoming attacks by throwing shields. Symmetra is an easy hero to use because of her auto-aim gun, but many new players still make a few mistakes when playing as her. Here are a few tips that will help out those who are looking into playing this versatile hero.

Strategic Turret Positioning

Symmetra’s main kit revolves around her small turrets which slow down and zap foes if they come into view. She can set up a total of six sentries on the field and they can stick on almost any surface. The only drawback here is that each turret only has 1 HP which makes them extremely easy to destroy. What you want to do when playing as Symmetra is to place your turrets out of view near critical choke points. For example, when defending point A at Hollywood, there are several plants near the wall facing the payload. You can hide your turret behind these plants which will give enemies are a harder time when trying to seek them out.

Teleporter or Shield Generator?

One thing you should know about this “Overwatch” hero is that she has two ultimate abilities: Teleporter and shield Generator.

When setting up a teleporter, you can transport players from spawn to a certain point without them having to walk back. The Shield Generator, on the other hand, provides all allies with a whopping +75shield within a large radius. You can only deploy one during each choke point/point unless an enemy destroys it. If you’re focusing on defending, it’s best to set up a teleporter so your team can get back to the spawn much faster.

If you want to go on the offense, using a Shield Generator will provide your allies with more health to survive fights.

Use Her Alternate Fire

Most of Symmetra’s damage comes from her primary fire which is auto-aim beam that stacks damage after each second. Many new players underestimate her alt fire which sends out a large, yet slow moving bubble at the enemy.

Despite its sluggish pace, this bubble can actually act as a roadblock against enemies or force them to switch positions which leave them open to your team’s attacks. Keep in mind that this bubble can even pass through shields which make them useful against tanks like Orisa and Reinhardt.