The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature the return of Lucio Ball to the second "Summer Games" event and the next DLC Character leaked online.

Lucio Ball returns in the game

One of the most popular brawl games in "Overwatch" is the Lucio Ball, a soccer styled game mode that featured all-players controlling Lucio. Lucio Ball was added in the game's first major event, "Summer Games" and will make a comeback next month.

The first "Summer Games" featured an Olympic themed event that featured all characters wearing sporty outfits along with new emotes, sprays, win animations and more.

It is speculated that Blizzard Entertainment will launch the event on Aug. 2 but the duration of the said event has not been announced yet. It is likely to last at least a couple of weeks like all "Overwatch" game events.

The return of Lucio Balls was first hinted on three Xbox One achievements; "Lucio Hat Trick," "Safe Hands," and "Volley." Previous rumors teased that Lucio Ball in the second "Summer Games" will be different, if not replaced by a new brawl mode featuring Doomfist, but it seems that the three leaked achievements are evidence enough to support the claim the popular soccer game will indeed make a return to "Overwatch" this year.

A new character coming soon

It seems that the next DLC character joining "Overwatch's" roster has been leaked online.

An anonymous user who goes by the alias "BlackwatchFiles" posted an extensive amount of information claiming that the next hero is named Psyren and posted a concept art photo of her on Imgur.

The design of Psyren is a cross between Symmetra and Sombra, and she is described as a speedy defensive character who specializes in using retractable swords and having tank-like abilities.

Psyren's supposed origin story was also leaked online and it was revealed that she has a grudge against Omnics, blaming them for the death of her mother, probably during the "Omnic Crisis." She is also a member of the team's black ops group, Blackwatch under the tutelage fo Gabriel Reyes a.k.a. future Talon member Reaper.

While the character's appearance and back story are very much valid, other gaming fans remain skeptical about seeing Psyren on the roster, as game director Jeff Kaplan and Blizzard have not yet made any official announcement about a new character in the roster, since Doomfist was recently added into the game.

Moreover, Psyren's art does not quite match the normal animation style of the developers and her back story is well-informed unlike the previous characters in the roster. For now, gamers will just have to wait for Kaplan and Blizzard's announcement regarding the new character soon.