Destiny 2” is fast approaching, and there is no doubt every single fan in the world is excited about the forthcoming release. Everyone is anticipating the possible gameplay experience the sequel should offer. Just recently, though, developer Bungie announced some important details involving the upcoming game.

According to GameRant, the deadline for carrying over characters from the original title to “Destiny 2” has been set. It should be noted that this process involves everything relating to the characters of players. These include markings, face, hair and even emblems, among others.

When is the cutoff?

Bungie announced that on August 1st, the process of tracking certain stats in the first title will cease for the purpose of migrating these stats into the follow-up installment. Players who plan to earn more items and/or in-game stats for their characters must make sure they have everything completed before the close off date, otherwise, any progress they make after that day will be lost.

More importantly, this migration will mean something bigger for “Destiny 2” fans. All of the current character designs they have in the first game will be carried over to the sequel. Again, for this to be possible, any task related to their characters must be completed before the aforementioned date.

The studio confirmed the date to be final and fixed.

Other important details to keep in mind

Unfortunately, Bungie does not have any plans to allow fans to edit the look of their characters in “Destiny 2” which means that the original appearance of the characters from the first game will be exactly the same in the second game.

However, the studio mentioned that this might only be temporary and that the process might change in the future. There been no definite reasons given as to why the developers decided to proceed the decision, though. There are players who believe that the video game company might offer a more robust feature for character customization but while this is an interesting thing to look forward to, there is nothing confirmed yet.

On the flipside, “Destiny 2” players will be able to claim their veteran rewards as soon as they log into the game. They will even have the option to store these rewards on the in-game server, allowing them to come up with a brand new character. That is because the studio does not want to force players into using old characters unless the players themselves want to do so.