Following the huge success earned by the action-adventure video game, “Grand Theft Auto 5,” fans are expecting the upcoming sequel will come along with a more thrilling set of action and adventures. Reports seem to claim that there are ways that Rockstar Games could make the game even more incredible than its predecessor. However, the video game developer has not yet released an official statement about the "GTA 6," even though anticipations are rife that the upcoming game is in the development stage.

The Grand Theft Auto V" was a triumph for the video game company, winning over game enthusiasts with new features such as refined physics, improved vehicle handling, and a more expansive gameplay from the perspective of three protagonists.

The current GTA game also earned loads of cash from being one of the best-selling entertainment products of all time.

Although the Gta 5 video game doesn’t seem to have room for improvement, there are ways that the studio could make the upcoming GTA installment even more incredible, considering how much the gaming technology has moved on in a short span of time.

Upcoming installment to roll out with PlayStation 5

The huge fan base of the "Grand Theft Auto" game series might be in for a treat. Recently surfaced reports seem to claim that Rockstar Games could roll out the sixth installment soon. As Sony will possibly launch the PlayStation 5 or PS5 this year, reports are claiming that GTA 6 could roll out alongside the gaming system.

Meanwhile, another theory surfaced courtesy of security analyst at Wedbush, Michael Pachter, who speculated that the “GTA 6” is likely to be introduced in 2024. The prediction of Pachter is based on his belief that the video game company is preoccupied with its upcoming western action-adventure video game, “Red Dead Redemption 2,” so the speculated upcoming installment of "Grand Theft Auto" might not be released in the near future.

GTA 6 to have a female protagonist

In spite of that, avid fans of the franchise are hopeful that a female protagonist could participate and become one of the highlights of the video game. As technology is becoming more advanced, fans of the popular game series are also hoping that the upcoming title will adopt virtual reality.

The video game publisher has previously said that integrating a female character in the forthcoming video game will be challenging but, the studio is seriously considering the idea of having a female protagonist in the game.