In the height of Microsoft’s Xbox One X’ launch, Sony confirmed the existence of its next generation console known to many as the PlayStation 5. Reportedly, the Japanese console would be released as early as 2018. The news came straight from one Sony’s executives.

Latest updates

In an interview with a German website Golem, Shawn Layden, PlayStation executive confirmed that the Japanese gaming titan would release the PlayStation 5. It was previously speculated that Sony would adapt the smartphone industry’s regular hardware updates instead of pursuing the traditional console launch.

The release of the mid-generation upgrade, through PS4 Pro, is interpreted by some gaming analysts as a strong indication of what the company has in store for its fans. While the executive confirmed the arrival of the console, he failed to disclose the date when it is going to happen. He only said that the console would probably be released some time.

Possible release date

While there are many speculations about the possible Release Date of Sony’s next generation console, new information about it surfaced recently from a reputable analyst. According to Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong, the next installment of the Japanese gaming company could be made available by the second-half of 2018.

The analyst has an impressive reputation of accurately predicting things about the Japanese console.

His theory is scrapped by some sites claiming that it is impractical for the company to have the said release date given that their current console is doing really well in the market regarding sales. The present console was just four years old since its release.

It was launched seven years after the PS3 was released. Following Sony’s tradition, the idea of releasing the next console in 2018 is far-fetched to some who follows this trail.

Big reveal

Based on the latest presumption of a 2018 release date, it is apparent that the company would make a big reveal about the console before 2017 ends.

In the future events of the gaming calendar, there are still big venues where the Japanese company could reveal the console. Among these includes the Tokyo Game Show in September and the PlayStation Experience in December.

Sony’s next-generation console is heavily speculated to embrace the 8K resolution technology. However, given the potential 2018 release window, this feature would not be possible as it would take the company more years to develop the feature.

We will keep you posted on the latest update for PlayStation 5 as soon as information becomes available.