“Southern Charm” star Kathryn Dennis exudes total class as she prepares to celebrate the holidays with her two young children, son Saint, and daughter Kensie. After recently sharing a Thanksgiving photo taken with co-star Austen Kroll on Instagram, the Bravo reality star also posted pictures of her son and daughter getting set for the holidays. The family of three definitely appears to be in the spirit for making the most of the season.

Custody fight will not stand in Kathryn’s way

Her “Southern Charm” fans and followers realize that it cannot be easy; after all, she is facing a custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel.

Unlike the disgraced former South Carolina State Treasurer and ex-Bravo star, Kathryn is doing an excellent job of not letting the situation get the best of her. She doesn’t take to social media to lash out at people closest to her or fly into tirades about Ravenel. She seems to have the right level of maturity necesary to avoid that type of nonsense.

Star keeping her word, keeping her focus

Kathryn is staying true to her word; she said that she was going to remain focused on her children, when news broke of Ravenel’s arrest on September 25. Throughout his legal debacle, so far, she has done just that - put Saint and Kensie above all else.

Ravenel is accused of assault and battery allegedly committed against the nanny he employed to care for the children he and Kathryn share.

Ignoring embittered ex-cast member

Only days before his arrest, Ravenel posted a rambling rant about some of his former “Southern Charm” co-stars. None of the cast members dignified his tirade with a response.

Ouch! They made a statement by way of taking the high road. Evidently, his opinion of them is essentially not worth their time to address.

Reality star’s life is looking better all the time

While her ex-beau’s current life seems to be tumultuous, Kathryn’s is looking up more so as time progresses. As Bravo pointed out, she not only has her line of furniture for children, she also moved into her “first real family home” with Saint and Kensie.

They are busy putting their own touches on their Charleston, South Carolina, space, which includes holiday decorations.

Decorating entails ‘going all the way’

When it comes to decorating, it is no-holds-barred, according to the caption Kathryn recently shared with her Instagram followers. In terms of christening their home with holiday decorations, she stated that they are “going all the way.” Good for her (and especially for her children)! She evoked smiles when she also commented that she was not forewarned by anyone about how much “work” it would be to prep the home for the holidays. She noted that she spent an hour “fluffing” her fake tree.

In addition to posting adorable photos of her children, Kathryn also shared a beautiful picture, on November 29, that was taken with Kensie.

The mother and daughter image, which depicts the duo snuggling, is accompanied by a caption that reads: “My best friend.”

Her Instagram followers easily noted the striking resemblance that Kensie bears to her mother. Many people commented on the photo saying they look like “twins.” Kathryn, it seems, set a great tone for radiating the holiday spirit, most especially for her little ones.

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