Some people on social media seem to have a perpetual wedgie or just a lousy outlook, unable to see a post and note something nice or browse to a site where their snark is welcome. Or... Well, maybe they just have too much idle time, while most others’ have fulfillment in their lives.

Kathryn Dennis was among the millions of people who took some time from her holiday to share a message on her Instagram account, wishing everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving.” Her post was complemented and personalized with a photo that was taken with her co-star Austen Kroll.

It never takes long for trolls, however, to slither to a celebrity’s account.

Trolls attempt to appropriate the holiday mood

Without a word about how stunning Kathryn appears or how handsome Austen looks in their photo, a follower popped off with, “Are you pregnant?” Huh? Who does that? The type of person who is about as ill-versed in netiquette as the troll who remarked, “Someone looks prego,” Entertainment Tonight and US Weekly reported.

Rude is too broad a word to convey the vapid and banal core of the troll's remarks. But, the bright side is, if they were to converse with Kathryn’s ex-boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel, they might find themselves an ideal fit for his social liking. He wouldn’t have to use monosyllabic words around them, as he claimed to have done at Patricia Altschul’s exclusive dinner parties.

Wrangling “prego” out of the expanse of human language might even impress him.

Fans have no part of a put-down

Quite possibly, some social media followers are actually displaying jealousy.

Kathryn could walk outside with her hair a total mess and without a pinch of makeup and: She will be just as beautiful as she is in the photo taken with Austen. One of her astute followers commented, “That’s what happy looks like!” Another Instagram user wrote, “Don’t let anyone steal your joy!”

Bravo star showed class

Kathryn shut down the potential for trolls to further state that she might be pregnant.

She was as honest as ever in relaying, “No, I have just gained weight.” Again, she took the high road – as she did following her ex’s Twitter tirade invoking her name a few days before he was arrested on September 25. She remained silent on the subject.

Many social media users would have handled the situation differently, helping expletive-laden comebacks emerge from their fingertips. Kudos to Kathryn for, once again, demonstrating class. Austen imparted his views on the topic, too. He called it as he saw it, stating, “*Some* of these people are absurd.” He also expressed his appreciation for Kathryn, commenting, “Thankful for you!”

Holiday spirit surpasses the haters

The Bravo star’s fans and followers appeared to be more fazed by the trolls or haters than Kathryn.

She certainly did not allow them to dampen her spirit, as People pointed out. She shared a second photo, noting her gratitude for her friends and her family.

She further commented, “If you take the time to look back at your life no matter the ups and downs there’s so much to be thankful for today.” That’s the spirit, Kathryn!

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