Some holiday sweaters and décor are not as picturesque as a Norman Rockwell illustration. A garment that is not aesthetically pleasing doesn't need to be tossed out. That would be like the Arkansas judge who threw out the invasion of privacy lawsuit that Josh Duggar filed against law enforcement officers, along with the city of Springdale, Arkansas. All sweaters were not created equal. All people are not as law-abiding as they should be, either. Especially while toting a Bible, doling verses, and pitching conservatism – knowing full-well that there is a deep, dark family secret being hidden from the public.

Dark family secret hidden from public

When someone dresses to present an idyllic picture, the appearance is purely cosmetic. Unsuspecting people might not see beneath the makeup unless the person comes clean – or a publication facilitates the truth being told. Such was the situation involving Josh Duggar. He molested four of his sisters and a babysitter.

Molester son also member of Ashley Madison

The news broke, and, suddenly, the reality behind the façade of the TLC supersize family was shattered by scandal after scandal.

Duggar, a married family man, was also caught up the Ashley Madison mess when clients’ names were hacked and made public. Duggar was a member of the service, intended to meet the needs of married folks looking for some dirty talk or a hookup.

Duggar sought treatment for sex addiction

As if those two things were not enough, more details surfaced about a side of Duggar that the public did not see on TV: He professed to be a sexual addict.

What?!? A lobbyist for the Family Research Council had self-control issues? I couldn't have gleaned that fact, if not for also knowing that he molested his younger sisters while he was a teen.

After In Touch Weekly obtained documentation of Duggar’s repeated deviant behavior that he reportedly committed as a teen, TLC booted his family from their network TV show.

Meanwhile, Josh Duggar was off for sex addict treatment. I hope the guidance that he received in treatment was a whole lot better than the reprimand he received from the officer when he was a teen. That officer had a proclivity for child porn and received a 56-year sentence.

The proof of Duggar’s past misdeeds was attained by In Touch Weekly, which made good use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). That is the way to do it when facts take precedence over rumors. While the Duggars were privy to his nasty secret about his incestuous behavior, viewers of the family’s show, which presented a seemingly wholesome family, were not aware that his private and public life did not mesh.

Parents sought to protect oldest offspring

People understand that his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, did as many parents might: They endeavored to protect their son, who faced no real legal consequence for his unlawful conduct as a teen. He avoided the juvenile court system. Okay, they put that behind them – until the news broke big time.

Duggar was out of Reality TV work. The effect was alleged distress. He did, as many people might in a litigious society: He filed a self-contradictory lawsuit, claiming that he was a public figure, but one who had a right to privacy concerning his past. He contended that his privacy was violated when officials acted on the FOIA request for documents.

Disgraced ex-star expected document-purging at 18

Duggar believed that documents tying him to his acts of molestation should have been automatically purged when he turned 18. There was no adjudication, and, therefore, there was no official record to expunge. Maybe officer Joe Hutchens should have informed the family that the case outcome and the charges filed remain accessible for potential disclosure.

Because Duggar’s past acts were not obliterated, the suit stated that his ability to deny the past was also stripped. If asked whether he ever molested anyone, he would have been enabled to make it his word against anyone saying otherwise.

His work as a lobbyist for a conservative organization would not have been disrupted in 2015.

News of judge tossing suit nearly buried

Quite unlike when news of Duggar having committed acts of molestation broke, word of the court throwing out the lawsuit (alleging his privacy was violated) barely made headlines. A handful of publications covered the story, including Pop Culture and the Friendly Atheist.

Duggar had treatment for his past acts and can move right along – with his ugly Christmas sweater. Meanwhile, many people will be left to their own opinions on the situation.

Be sure to follow Blasting News for Duggar family updates and for the latest information. Meanwhile, in additional reality television news, "Teen Mom OG" dad Ryan Edwards is totally out of a 90-day stay in rehab. While dining out with his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and his baby boy, Jagger, Edwards had a beer.