Actor Charlie Sheen had a good year, ending 2018 on a positive and “healthy note,” E! News wrote. He posted a photo of his one-year sobriety medallion from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) on Twitter on December 2. Sheen, who was sober for 11 years before a relapse, has a reason to feel proud of his success with sobriety.

Actor’s father also knows about recovery firsthand

His father Martin Sheen, formerly on “The West Wing,” knows a lot about recovery. He is in “long-term recovery,” The Fix pointed out. While many people perceive the advantages of celebrity, life as a public figure also poses pitfalls.

One of the most notable downsides that affects Celebrities is that they generally do not go into recovery with the same level of anonymity that most everyone else would experience.

Anonymity for celebrities poses challenge

The elder Sheen spoke about the importance of the anonymity offered by programs such as AA. He stated in September that it is “much harder” for celebrities, according to The Fix, since “there's no privacy.” Anonymity, however, is a cornerstone of 12=step programs and “has an energy all its own.”

Charlie a long way from calling AA a ‘cult’

Sheen 53, has come a long way since his dad and millions of people heard him “bash” AA in 2011. Back then, though, he was in the throes of “substance abuse,” US Weekly reported.

The actor even stated that the program was a “cult.” Evident now, however, is that his viewpoint was clouded as a effect of reported abuse.

He also appeared as if he was entrenched in denial about the seriousness of his dependence on substances.

The only addiction he claimed to have was expressed on “The Alex Jones Show.” Sheen relayed, “The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning,” US Weekly reported. His attitude and his stance toward AA obviously shifted away from conveying, “One of their stupid mottos is ‘Don’t be special, be one of us.’ News flash: I am special and I will never be one of you.”

Fired from sitcom before sobriety

In the month following his public statements about AA, he was fired from “Two and a Half Men,” after Sheen also blasted the sitcom’s creator Chuck Lorre.

Ashton Kutcher ended up replacing Sheen. Sheen stunned millions of people in when he announced on the “Today” show and the “Dr. Oz Show” that he carries antibodies to the HIV virus.

Sheen, who has five children, changed his life drastically. He stopped drinking alcohol all together. In January 2016, he described taking up a lifestyle including more activity. He spoke of “shooting baskets,” along with swimming and doing yoga, according to USA Today. “I do something different every day," he said, adding that there was no “room” for alcohol in his life.

Children inspired positive change

It was after learning that he is HIV-positive that Sheen’s 11-year stretch of sobriety was interrupted, relapsing in a futile attempt to “suffocate the anxiety,” he relayed to Dr.

Mehmet Oz in January 2016. Wanting his children to see him in a positive light also provides motivation for Sheen. Sheen wants them to see him as someone who helped people.

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