Ryan Edwards, formerly a star of “Teen Mom” shows, completed a 90-day stint at rehab reportedly for heroin addiction. His wife Mackenzie Standifer was nearing the delivery of the couple’s first child together when he entered a residential treatment facility. He was still in rehab when their baby boy, Jagger Ryan, was born. She has been steadfast in her support for her husband.

Details continue to emerge from Tinder match

More troubling news has surfaced, however, that could motivate Mackenzie to break ranks with Ryan. Radar Online initially reported the scoop that her ex-reality star husband allegedly returned to the dating app Tinder after leaving rehab.

He reportedly engaged in dirty talk and sharing nekkid pics with a match from the app.

Ex-reality star went from sexting to hooking up

Even more shocking, though, is another Radar report, indicating that Ryan reportedly hooked up with the woman for a one-night stand. According to OK! Magazine and In Touch Weekly, the father of two has not been staying with Mackenzie since the news was reported of his time on Tinder sexting it up with another woman.

Finished rehab, hit on woman to do cocaine

The news only gets worse. Fresh out of rehab, Ryan is reported to have “asked the woman to do cocaine,” OK!

relayed. Media outlets such as In Touch are also reporting that Ryan and Mackenzie are “arguing a lot.”

MTV appeared to have filmed Ryan in the past when he might have been high on an illicit substance, and Mackenzie took steps to ensure that Jagger’s photo did not surface publicly until she was ready. So, a reasonable person might have realized that scandalous information is not likely to remain hush-hush very long in the age of social media and networking platforms.

Though Ryan quit MTV, news stories about him did not also vanish. It should not be a shock to him that details of his alleged post-rehab behavior are public.

Wife has backed her husband

Mackenzie has been totally there for Ryan since the two married in 2017. She has supported him even after he used Tinder in the past to hit on women who appeared on the app as potential matches. Even Café Mom, which generally avoids delving into editorializing, made a statement after learning that the former “Teen Mom” cast member sent a pic of privates, “Come on, Ryan. Really? You have a wife and a brand-new baby at home!”

"Teen Mom” fans and social media followers have been pulling for Ryan and his sobriety, most especially because he has two sons whose lives are affected by him and the choices he makes.

His wife has been understanding and supportive and…. Wait a minute. He is not showing Mackenzie respect by stepping out on her, one person he knew he could count on and who defended him.

Café Mom nailed it: “She doesn't deserve to be with someone who has no regard for her feelings or their marriage!”

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