Alaskan Bush People” fans and social media followers realize that the eldest son of Billy and Ami Brown has had issues with sobriety. Matt and the Brown family patriarch do not see eye-to-eye on the specific treatment that could be most effective. Matt left “rehab early,” In Touch Weekly reported. He followed that decision with turning his back on having a sober coach around-the-clock.

Family worried son, brother relapsing

He “ditched” the sober coach, according to Radar Online, which stated that Billy and Ami are “terrified” about the possibility of Matt relapsing.

Until a picture emerged that included Matt with viewers of the Discovery Channel, home of the reality show, his family was not even aware that he took off for California. The photo showed him in Palm Desert with “fans outside of a party store.”

In the exclusive report published by Radar, a source close to the Browns is cited as stating that Matt “just up and left,” slighting the advice to stay where he was and remain focused on staying sober. His family did not where Matt went until the photo surfaced.

Reality star has struggled with sobriety

Matt, 36, is characterizing as having struggled with sobriety. The first time he went into treatment was in 2016. A DUI led him to rehab. He reportedly clashed with his father in November about having a sobriety coach. He also did not let his family know that he was headed to California.

The stance on sobriety that the reality star has taken is that he can remain clean by seeing a therapist and attending meetings, In Touch reported. In addition to worrying his parents, his younger brothers and sisters have also been affected.

Brothers and sisters want older sibling to stay on track

In the past, his siblings had their older brother, Matt, who they could "go to” when they needed input or advice, according to In Touch. With the difficulties that he has experienced, however, his brothers and sisters just want to help so that he stays the course of sobriety, putting their efforts toward helping him remain “on the right track.”

Younger brother Gabe’s marriage license expired

Interestingly, and possibly coincidental, is the timing of when his brother Gabe and his girlfriend Raquell “Rose” Pantilla allowed a marriage license to lapse in Washington state.

The couple picked up the license, yet did not return the necessary paperwork within the 30-day window to marry. Media reports attributed the license expiring to Billy influencing the decision, wanting the pair to hold off for now.

With the uncertainty of Matt’s sobriety on their minds, it is possible that Billy and Ami, along with the couple, could have decided that another Brown family wedding might be better if delayed while they concentrate on Matt. The Browns are reportedly feeling “powerless” in this situation and have resorted to praying, according to Radar. The publication’s source relayed, “His family can’t do any more to help him now.”

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