As with nearly everything that happens in a reality star’s life off-camera, social media facilitates the ability to share without missing a controversial beat. “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans shared an Instagram Story with her fans, haters, and critics alike on November 21, depicting the ever-polarizing Confederate Flag on a shirt she wore.

Not to worry. She told folks to go right ahead and “Get mad,” Pop Culture reported. The shirt noted, “Southern Pride.” Whoopie! The meaning might have been lost without the wording.

Social media followers again angered by star’s antics

While Jenelle Evans certainly evoked the ire of ample social media followers and MTV fans by wearing a shirt with the Confederate Flag, the shirt still does not equate with the foulness of former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham exposing her daughter Sophia, 9, to what she described on social media as her “Designer Vagina.”

Jenelle’s shirt and potential beliefs can be changed. Sophia’s memory, however, cannot be erased. (Is it possible that Farrah wonders why Drita D’Avanzo gave her a verbal smack-down?)

At least Janelle and her husband, David Eason, did not upstage one another by wearing or waving the same flag at the same time.

That could have caused a huge division in the attention each attracted. No, it is better if they pace themselves – to spread out the number of days they garner followers’ wrath.

Controversial couple imparts history lesson

Jenelle and David have both offered their followers their interpretation of history. In Touch Weekly has, since, delved into the topic, offering the history most people may have heard, read, or seen in actual history books or documentaries.

The summary of information that In Touch kindly researched is that Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States in 1860. An effect was that 11 states decided to “secede” from the rest of the country. After the Civil War, those 11 states “ceased to exist” as “the Confederate States of America.”

Flag’s meaning differs among people

Interpretation of the flag’s meaning is where many people differ. As In Touch explained, the flag’s symbolism means “regional heritage and pride” to many Southerners. But to additional people, the same flag stands for slavery, racism, and oppression of African-Americans.

Planting offensive symbolism in the U.S. likely futile

On his Instagram account, Eason stated that he aims to plant the Confederate Flag in every state.

Oh? Of course is it possible, but it is also probable that it will not remain long where he plants it. He is more likely making statements to puff his ego a bit more since his relevancy became a bust long ago – after MTV fired him for his expressions of homophobia on social media. Bigotry does not go over very well, and particularly not when it is conveyed in a tirade. Jenelle has, however, denied that her spouse is a racist.

MTV recycles the celebrities it creates

While there are many MTV “Teen Mom” fans who have called for the network to fire Jenelle on more than one occasion, it would probably take some major happening for that to result. Even if MTV did part ways, the network will probably find a way to work her back into its program line-up similar to the Farrah effect.

Everyone thought MTV was done with Farrah when she refused to give up her work in the adult entertainment industry. The MTV folks were meanies, she said, sued, and settled. But, MTV is recycling Farrah but putting her in its show “Ex on the Beach.” Reality show stars may come and go, but there are some who work the circuit. How else would some stars pay for those designer vaginas?