Bindi Irwin, now 20, would surely make her late father, Steve Irwin, feel proud of her most recent feat after attaining a place in The Guinness Book of World Records for the following she has attained on social media as a naturalist and conservationist. She has more than 1.9 million Instagram followers, New Zealand City reported on November 21. The effect of the millions of people who follow her postings on the networking platform places her in the number one spot among television conservationists who make use of “the photo-sharing app.”

Daughter follows in famous dad’s ‘footsteps’

Bindi’s father, Steve, died as the result of a stingray barb striking his heart while he was filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef, which is located near Queensland, Australia in 2006, KPC News reported.

She stated that she feels honored receiving the Guinness title, adding that she endeavors each day to “carry on” in his “footsteps.”

Her Instagram account definitely reflects that she is meeting the goal that she has set for herself by sharing her “family’s conservation work with the world.” Bindi shared a picture of herself, reposted from Guinness. She is photographed holding the certificate she was bestowed. She thanked Guinness Book of World Records for the award.

Bindi, brother, and mother have new Animal Planet show

Bindi recently shared with her followers that her hope is that her dad feels proud of her, as well as her brother and mother, for “continuing his conservationist legacy,” according to KPC News.

Bindi, along with her younger brother Robert and their mother Terri are stars of the new Animal Planet show “Crikey! It’s the Irwins.”

The premiere episode of “Crikey!” included Terri Irwin speaking about her late husband, remarking how much Bindi has taken after her dad. She spoke of Bindi sharing many of “Steve’s qualities,” the Daily Mail (Australia) reported.

Terri further described Steve as “science-minding,” pointing out that he “loved the research part of conservation.” She said her daughter shares the same passion for the research facet of conservation. Bindi was only eight when her father died so suddenly and so tragically.

Grown-up Bindi has a long-term beau

In her personal life, Bindi, who won “Dancing With The Stars” in 2015, has been in a romantic relationship with Chandler Powell for five years.

Her mother confided in New Idea (and all of its readers) that she believes Bindi and Chandler will get married “in the near future,” according to the Daily Mail (Australia). Terri further stated that she would actually be “surprised” if her daughter and her beau, who is 22, do not get married.

Bindi and her mom describe themselves as ‘lucky’

Meanwhile, Bindi feels confident that she is “lucky,” having “found the one” man she wants to spend her time with,” the Daily Mail noted. She is not off-base when she describes herself as fortunate. Her boyfriend relocated to Australia in early 2018 to be near Bindi. The duo lives and works together.

Terri claims that she is the lucky one, though. Chandler does not drink alcohol or curse.

“He’s the kind of man you hope for your daughter,” the Daily Mail reported. Bindi, ever-mindful of her father, also believes that her father would have “approved” of Chandler. She said that she, her brother, and her mother have discussed the topic “a lot.” The trio concludes that Steve “would have loved Chandler.”

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