MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” star, Jenelle Evans, is direct. Even if people do not care for her bluntness. She seems to say it like it is, at least from her perspective. She engaged in a Q&A, as Hollywood Life described, on social media, addressing some questions posed and saying what she thinks. The session happened on Instagram on November 5. She very pointedly stated that her husband, David Eason, worries her far less than do other people. She also defended her spouse, stating that “he isn’t racist,” Pop Culture reported on November 7.

In fact, she pointed out that his “childhood best friend was black.”

Compares co-stars’ families appearing on film

Janelle stated that her co-stars’ families are taped, but hers is not. She has a point, yet Eason also has partial ownership for segments that MTV tapes, excluding him. If he is anything, in person, like he comes across on social media, it is no wonder that the film crew and production keep him at a distance.

Someone who seems to fly into fits of anger over comments made on social media must surely be a total joy to be around.

Eason chose how he wanted to present himself to the world. He struck out when he went into a homophobic rant on Twitter.

Husband’s behavior reflects on others

There is nothing of value to be gained by unpredictability. Eason is also someone who is prone to tirades.

Each time Eason, or any reality star, unleashes a well of contempt toward others, it reflects on everyone associated with the program. MTV fired him, refusing to include him in footage following his outbursts on social media.

Concern and meddling vastly different

Concern for Jenelle, her sons, and daughter should not be confused with meddling. The 911 audio tape of her telling police that her husband cracked her collarbone is still fresh in viewers’ and fans’ minds. Maybe she does choose to stand by her husband. Her sons, however, did not select him as their life-long partner, for better, and quite possibly, for worse.

Children deserve healthy parenting

Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley deserve healthy parenting that mirrors behavior that does not raise alarms. Her sons will learn by the examples they see before them on how to treat women and how women expect to be treated. Ensley will also glean ideas about behaviors that are acceptable.

If Eason hasn’t crossed boundaries, then men who appear to dominate the women in their lives haven't either.

Former reality star’s temper could be his enemy

Hollywood Life reported having a source who stated that Eason has an “explosive temper.” Rather than worry about people, in general, expressing concern, maybe it is better to accept that people are letting Jenelle know that they do care about her and about what happens to her children.

Granted, life does present chaos and drama at times. Only seeing snippets of the cast members’ lives tend to magnify situations. For instance, the ongoing feud between Jenelle and Kailyn Lowry waxes and wanes.

‘People change,’ cast member believes

A fan noted that Jenelle and Kailyn were close, at one point, in the past, but now, it is seemingly and purely “antagonistic,” Pop Culture reported. Jenelle replied that “people change,” only it was not her.

People also grow. With six children between the two women who are approaching 30, maybe it is time to grow up – or did they grow up too quickly as an effect of being teen moms, which may be the point of the show after all.

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She also threw in the towel on the November 10 boxing match with Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander in Atlantic City. She has since been replaced by "Mob Wives" star Natalie DiDonato. The match aims to raise awareness about anti-bullying.