Reminiscent of when “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans’ ever-so-controversial husband David Eason wrapped himself in the Confederate Flag not very long ago in October, he managed to draw even more anger after posting a photo and video to his Instagram account of his flag-waving stance while at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It was so offensive to some Instagram users that they even commented that they wish he had a misstep or that someone would push him to the ground far below.

'Teen Mom' on a road trip with husband

The couple took a road trip from North Carolina through parts of California, including Sequoia National Park, and into Arizona.

That Jenelle and her husband even took the trip together outraged some social media followers. Others posed questions about Jenelle’s children and about Eason’s daughter – as well as her homeschooling while the duo is away on vacation.

Social media followers frown on vacation

People actually asked whether Jenelle and Eason were neglecting or abandoning the children. It’s a vacation! Married people do not take their children every single place they go. While some were upset that the children were not in tow, there was also a faction of people who suggested that the alleged mystery surrounding the trip led to the conclusion that the pair was on a drug run.

Right. Not hardly.

Before controversy about the trip itself has even settled some, Eason seized the timing to post images, once again, of a flag that represents nothing positive to many people. Those same people are not holding back in relaying their opinions, as US Weekly noted.

Grand Canyon the backdrop of flag waving

With a backdrop of the Grand Canyon, Eason is photographed with the Confederate Flag wafting in the wind. He captioned the still photo: “Just planting my flag in all 50 states! #merica #rebel.” One Instagram user remarked, “How does it feel knowing so many people including me wish u would of taken one wrong step and fell straight off that cliff?” Another person commented, “You’re the biggest douche canoe in the entire world.”

As deplorable as his behavior might be, it is probably far better to know where he stands than risk having to guess.

The problem, however, is not isolated. Jenelle chimed in with her response to his picture by posting that he needed to post the photo. Great. It’s one thing to be supportive and another to encourage behavior that conveys a morally corrupt belief system. Since the conduct is condoned for the public to see, and it is merely a blip in time, how might the system support carry out in private? That’s the scary part.

The latest photo that Eason posted with the Confederate Flag was snapped from a video that Jenelle filmed, according to Pop Culture. No guesswork needed to know what she was thinking. She reportedly told him, as she was taping him, “Oh that’s awesome.”

Couple cares for the attention but not about the comments

Critics and MTV’s “Teen Mom 2fans are open in expressing disdain for the images.

It appears, however, that neither Jenelle nor her husband cares what anyone else thinks – or, at least, that is the impression they attempt conveying. At some level, the couple is concerned about evoking reactions or they would not even share the images on social media.

They are seeking reactions – good, bad, or indifferent. The way to make it go away is not to feed the actions with comments, which is rewarding the behavior. MTV is no more going to fire Jenelle over her husband’s antics than is Farrah Abraham about to step into a ring for a boxing match. It is what it is, as the saying goes.

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