YouTuber FaZe Rug's latest video went viral and trended on YouTube. When he posts about animals he always gets lit up and this one turned out to be a contest to vote for the cutest animal. Just back from Hawaii, he's excited about sharing. Fans always love an animal vid and this time, his video titled "Meet my New Sloth, (Cutest Animal in the World)" touched the "happy" button for half a million viewers. This month brought his milestone of 10 million subscribers and the video shows just why he scored a billion views by July last year.

FaZe Rug invites viewers to vote for the cutest animal in the yard

FaZe took the viewers down into the yard after asking them to vote in the comments on which one they think is the cutest. Straight away, people became interested as the first animal visiting his home was a ringtailed lemur. FaZe introduced Brandy, who sat with the gorgeous little animal eating a leaf and sunbathing on her lap.

Brandy "runs a program based on conservation," she explained. She's in Northern California. They work with endangered animals and take many of the animals to schools for animal awareness. The black and white lemur is a rescue animal. So, FaZe is doing something to highlight endangered and rescued animals with this popular video.

Brandy noted that the lemurs are found only in Madagascar in the wild and they are endangered. Plus - cheers for the ladies - in lemur life, the girls are the bosses!

Wearing the gloves for a prickly African animal

The next up in the cutest animal contest came from Africa. But FaZe had to wear gloves because of the prickly spines.

All rolled up, it looked like a hairy kind of fruit, but when it opened up, it turned out to be a little hedgehog. White underneath, speckly on the back and with a sweet little pink nose, this one got some votes. FaZe said they looked like hamsters with spikes on.

Next up was the "mascot of the rugrats," and out came a possum.

Things started going "Ice Age" with this little one. Brandy explained they are marsupials and not a kind of rat. They belong to the same family of animals as kangaroos and koalas, though it's hard to tell. The strange-looking animals come from Australia.

The finale and fourth cutest animal

Really, it seems that FaZe already made up his mind and he said if the viewers thought the first three were cute, they were about to be wowed with cuteness. His favorite one turned out to be one he "never thought" he would be "able to pick up." It was around his neck, and no - it wasn't a snake. It was a sloth and just as cute looking as any in the "Ice Age series." It looked so soft and furry.

After showing the sloth, he asked his fans to make a list of the cutest animals in the comments from the cutest, down.

But he reminded them not to base their vote on ugly as "there's no ugly animal."

Voted the cutest animal results

So many people had their personal favorites, so there was no outright winner, but more people agreed that the top spot was between the hedgehog and the sloth. Poor possum was generally at the bottom. Lemur came in at number three, though for some he was the cutest. Did you watch FaZe Rug's viral video and vote for the cutest animal in the contest? My vote was Lemur.