In this current political climate consisting of gun control marches, high school teachers' salaries marches, and several others political actions, we all need a period of time every day to relax and have fun. If we are talking about having fun while browsing on your favorite app, also known as Instagram, cat and dog Instagram accounts are definitely on top of the list. Here are six of the cutest Instagram Pets accounts you need to follow to brighten your day; one photo at the time.


Jiffpom is the most followed pet account in the whole world if you count all of their social media accounts together.

They have their own Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube accounts On their website, you can buy phone cases, t-shirts, calendars, hoodies, two mobile apps, and even their own book. Jiff can also walk on two legs, breaking world records. While looking at their website and social media networks, a thought came to my mind, it is not dog's nature to be standing in two feet. Anyway, happy thoughts, even human celebrities want to take a picture with this dog, and he was featured in several commercials and the Katy Perry music video "Dark Horse."

Marutaro, on the other hand, is less known but he is an equally cute Shiba Inu. According to an India-based website called InUth, Marutaro became famous when his owner started posting pictures of the dog right after the horrific 2011 earthquake that occurred in Japan.

He started posting three pictures a day of Marutaro to spread Happiness and joy in all the chaos that was going on in their country. Just like Jiffpom, they sell their own merchandise, which includes t-shirts, pillows, and accessories. He has also appeared in commercials.


Making a pet account is a really fun way to express yourself and your pet.

You get to bond with your pet by creating different scenarios and trying to make it a reality. Matthew the hedgehog has over 45,000 followers on Instagram. As always, they also have their merchandise website, but it is in Chinese.

Lionel the Hedgehog has 134,000 followers on Instagram and his human owner posts pictures of Lionel very frequently.

They also have similar types of accessories, notebooks, phone cases, and other gifts that you can buy from other Instagram pet websites. One thing worth mentioning is that the Lionel website focuses more on clothes, as they have every type of clothing for men, women, and kids.


Who doesn't like seeing pictures of cats? Suki cat is very aesthetic and pleasant to the eye. It was kind of difficult of pick just one picture of him to post in this article. According to a website called Bored Panda, Suki is a Canadian traveling cat. The owner of the cat admits that the color of the cat's eyes are edited, but she still posts some videos where the color is not edited. This is also one of the only accounts some people are criticizing the pet owner for their posts, as the cat, at times, seems to be in uncomfortable positions for the sake of a good photo.

Anyway, like I said before, happy thoughts and enjoy the beautiful and very beautiful pictures of this cat! One thing worth mentioning is that the pet does not have his own website, to the best of my knowledge.

Samhaseybrows is famous, particularly for his eyebrows, which are very particular but still really cute. His account has over 249,000 followers and like almost every other pet account, he has his own website where you can buy t-shirts and other accessories with a picture of Sam.

It has always been a concern that some of this animals may be abused and exploited for profit and the owner's greed. In some cases, they care more about likes and only use them for profit, but, like I said earlier, happy thoughts!