Dogs are known as the best friend of mankind. They provide emotional support, they make you laugh, and they’re just downright cute at times. Dog lovers everywhere rejoice when they’re able to take their four-legged buddies to places that welcome dogs. Enjoy a healthy dose of happy by indulging in Instagram dog therapy.

Marnie the dog

Marnie the dog is a 16-year-old Shih Tzu with 2.1 million Instagram followers. This cute little dog is best known for its facial expression-constantly sticking out her tongue. Marnie’s Instagram account encourages viewers to adopt senior dogs.

Marnie was adopted at the ripe age of 11. Marnie is quite the celebrity but takes the time for photo opportunities with “Black Jack” and “Jimmy Kibble.” Marnie takes pictures in just about every situation you can imagine, but always seems to find a good angle. Marnie has her head tilted permanently to the side and frequently hangs her tongue out because she once had Vestibular Syndrome. Thankfully, this puppy is in good health and is as happy as she looks.


You have not lived until you’ve seen a french bulldog in a onesie. This adorable dog has been building an Instagram following since he was a young pup. Today, approximately 478,000 people enjoy looking at BarkleySirCharles.

This handsome bulldog may not have the biggest following on Instagram, but his fans are loyal. The father of Barkley’s owner decided to tattoo this chubby little white dog on his arm. When seeing a picture of a cute little puppy just isn’t enough, tattooing it on your arm for perpetuity is always an option. If getting inked is too permanent, you can visit BarkleySirCharles’s website stocked with bulldog branded merch.

Loki the Wolfdog

Loki is the wolfdog of Instagram with 1.7 million followers gazing into those icy blue dog eyes. The owner posts captivating shots of the dog in motion against stunning natural backgrounds-think snowy mountains, rivers, and desert canyons. Loki is no stranger to the world of business and branding. You'll find numerous videos of Loki trying to catch the wind in GoPro sponsored posts.

He has secured a partnership with Toyota and Paralympian Oksana Masters to create a promotional video for the 2018 Paralympics. Loki is part malamute, husky, and wolf-a character blend that loves independence but needs affection.


The best had to be saved for last. This next Instagram account is by far the most well-curated profile filled with perfectly staged and edited photos of Agador. This dog manages to skillfully stand on his hind legs while donning the most adorable fashion statements you can imagine. If his posing skills are not enough to impress you, maybe his perfectly coiffed coat will do it. Agador is also known as the Pooch of NYC.