According to People magazine, there is a little-known fact about the First Lady of the United States that is pretty intriguing. It seems Melania Trump has an area of success that is outpacing her husband, the POTUS. The FLOTUS has decided to keep this part of her life pretty much on the down low because she wanted to succeed on her own. The goal has been accomplished and many Americans will probably be shocked. The Donald's wife did not want to succeed because of who she is married to and developed a product that the public has fallen in love with.

Despite the negative approval ratings of her spouse, the former model has achieved her goal.

Melania is a savvy businesswoman

For the past few years, Melania Trump has been running her own very successful cosmetics business called AmaBella Allure, and Glamour Gold. The first lady is quoted as saying she desired a beauty product to replace plastic surgery which is very expensive and comes with risks.The FLOTUS had working women in mind when she developed her skincare line. It has been selling pretty well without people even knowing that Donald Trump's wife is behind it.

Women obviously love this skincare line as it is selling out and the first lady did it all on her own. This indicates that despite all the chaos going on in Washington D.C.

Melania Trump is a savvy businesswoman who can stand on her own. She gambled on success and came out the winner, but now that word is getting around that she is behind these products, some may boycott because of it.

Donald Trump's influence on his wife

There are customers that, out of frustration at her husband, may decide to no longer purchase Glamour Gold and AmaBella Allure.

Donald Trump's influence may hinder his wife's progress but for now, her product line continues to bring in the money. The first lady says she has put in many years of hard work behind the scenes in terms of developing her products. She wanted topical cosmetics that women could use in order to avoid the risk and expense of cosmetic surgery.

Melania Trump is showing herself to be more than just a trophy wife and setting a great example for other women. By keeping her business venture a secret, she chose to allow her products to speak for themselves. Based on successful sales it looks like her idea worked. The FLOTUS is to be commended for her business savvy, as well as for stepping out from under the shadow of her husband, and actually trumping the Donald.