First Lady Melania Trump will move to the White House with her son earlier than expected amid scandals facing her husband's presidency. On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey will testify about his interactions with Donald Trump before he was fired. The hearing will center on the discussions they had regarding the Russian investigation and how the president may have interfered in the matter.

First lady and son leaving NYC for Washington, D.C.

Politico reports that Melania and Barron Trump will move to the White House on June 14. It was thought that they wouldn't relocate there from New York City until the end of the month, but the date changed.

Barron is now finished with school and they aren't putting the move off any longer.

Ever since the election, the decision for Melania to stay at Trump Tower has drawn criticism over costs to taxpayers. It was costing upwards of $147,000 a day for the Secret Service and NYPD to protect the first lady and Barron. It's also been a hardship on the parents of students who attend Barron's private school due to traffic snarls and commotion.

Help for president's image

Many in the West Wing hope Melania's presence will bring a sense of stability in Trump's administration. Some former aides believe the president will find comfort in having his wife in the same house and hopefully lend a better family atmosphere.

While Melania Trump's move isn't expected to stop investigations into her husband's administration, it can't hurt image-wise.

Don't expect to see the first lady among the mob of aides and staffers who go in and out of the Oval Office during the workday. Aides in the West Wing say the only time they see Melania in the Oval Office is before or after an event she participated in; the rest of the time she remains in the East Wing with her small group of aides.

Melania's parents will be familiar faces at White House

Will the public see more of Melania Trump when she moves to Washington, D.C.? It's unknown how visible the first lady will be once she's settled in the White House, but she won't be holed up at Trump Tower anymore. Melania's mother and father will be frequent guests at the residence as well.

Victor and Amalija Knavs have helped raise Barron and live at Trump Tower. They won't move permanently but will be familiar faces around the White House.

Are you surprised to hear that Melania Trump is moving to the White House earlier than expected?