Nothing brightens your day like a good old-fashioned smile. And when you see what these people are wearing, you will definitely burst into laughter. Now, of course, not all of us can be fashion experts, but there are some basic principles a person needs to follow while choosing the right clothes. But judging from what are you are about to see, it seems as though these rules don't always apply. So without further ado let's take a look at my list of 25 epic Clothing fails you can't look away from.

1. You should never buy clothes online. Unless you want to be surprised. Not in a pleasant way. This girl's body language says it all

2. You'll never look at the flowers the same way once you lay your eyes on this clothing disaster. But at least she feels proud. Though, I am not sure why

3. If you ever feel useless in your life, just look at this pocket or this shirt for that matter. Kudos to the designer

4. What's up with the flowers? They put them in the most unusual places, these days

5. Way to go, man, just a few more years and you are getting there

6. I think she would have a better time wearing a plastic bag. Her expression says enough

7. When you want the exact same print

8. Someone with a great sense of humor made this shirt. Well, I guess every product finds its customer

9. Thanks for the heads up

10. You have to be a real acrobat to wear whatever this is

11. Not the kind of advice I want to see on my shirt

12. I am pretty sure these are the worst fakes I've ever seen

13. This kitten doesn't look so cute now, does it?

14. Not the faces I would expect to go see on the shirt that says 'Nirvana'

15. Don't worry, man. I am sure that nobody will notice

16. In his defense, it seems as though someone made him wear this sweater. But it's hilarious nonetheless

17. She definitely needs to get out from all this hair. A case for a fashion police, don't you think?

18. It is nice to 'meat' you, too. This is definitely the weirdest picture you will see today

19. I am not sure what to think. Is this how the lion queen is supposed to look like?

20. The peek-a-boo pajamas. Always a good choice

21. This is the Colombian women's cycling team with their peculiar uniforms. I am not sure how these uniforms got approved

22. And here we have another motivational shirt. Everything is just so wrong

23. Imagine walking in the broad daylight and you see this. It looks like a sumo costume

24. This doesn't look good at all

25. Last, but not least, we have this epic fail