On Saturday and Sunday, December 2 and 3, NASA says there will be a Super Frost moon weekend. This is because on both nights the light that shines in darkness on our planet will be almost full, appear 14 percent larger than usual, and be at its closest distance to Earth. The last moon of the year is commonly referred to as a Frost Moon, the moon before the yule or a cold moon. This is because it takes place during colder weather. It does not always coincide with a super moon but it did in 2016 and is happening again this year. Super moons usually are 30 percent larger than normal and will be especially bright in the United States because of the intense sunlight reflected from the moon in winter.

How to view the Super Frost Moon

According to National Geographic, the best time to view the Super Frost Moon will be as it is rising which will be shortly after sunset. Weather conditions are believed to be favorable for most of the country but there may be some clouds in the central and northeast areas. NASA jokes that those who want to witness the phenomenon this weekend should celebrate by wearing celestial attire.

Although a Super Moon is not a rare event like a total solar eclipse, it is not one that happens frequently. According to the Space website, the moon being almost full and at the closest proximity to Earth happens about once a year. For this reason, NASA suggests that the Super Frost Moon is best viewed by observation with the natural eye, rather than focusing on taking pictures.

Mysteries surrounding the Super Moon

There are a number of mysteries and also misconceptions that surround the Super Moon. One of them is the false notion that this occurrence will destroy the Earth. This is a natural occurrence and therefore will not affect our planet's orbit, nor will it have a lunatic effect and cause people to "go crazy." Super Moons do change the tide but only slightly, and have no known effect on anyone's mind, will, or emotions.

A Super Moon is larger during the winter because is is closer to Earth than in warmer weather. Scientists, however, indicate that very slowly but surely, the moon is moving away from Earth, so in the future, when this phenomenon occurs, our Night Light will seem smaller. The Washington Post reports that the moon will not actually be full until 10:47 AM on Sunday but will look full to the naked eye on Saturday night.

Are you excited to see the Super Moon this weekend?