CVS is now expanding into the insurance business by taking over Aetna. This means they will be able to influence all aspects of their customers' health care. As an insurer, CVS can decide where patients obtain their health care and decide which prescriptions they can purchase. This monopolizing of the Medical Industry indicates the possibility that customers will pay insurance premiums to purchase prescriptions obtain flu shots, and seek health care at CVS facilities. This is a new day in the world of big pharma and will change the way consumers are able to have needs met when it comes to all areas of their health.

CVS has been expanding for years

CVS inked a $69 billion deal on Sunday evening which Wall Street experts say will forcefully push the company in a direction that it has desired to go for some time. Gone will be the days when Aetna customers could choose the doctor and pharmacist that they desired. Now more than likely there will be some type of incentive for those they insure, to utilize CVS pharmacies, healthcare clinics, and other services.

The drug store chain already has more than 1,100 clinic's located in the stores and has methodically increased the services that they offer consumers. Initially, the walk-in clinics treated basic health care needs such as sinus infections and strep throat.

There are more than 10,000 locations where the services include monitoring blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

CVS Health Corp destined to be a one-stop destination

Analysts say CVS may turn into a one-stop shop where customers may be able to multitask by getting hearing aids, prescriptions, eye exams, and also see a nurse practitioner.

The walk-in clinics are popular because they have later hours than doctors offices. The clinic visit also may be $30.00 or even cheaper than a visit to a personal care physician for someone who is uninsured.

The CVS Health Corp seems destined for success because they will lock in millions of customers who have Aetna insurance.

This deal also prevents the insurance company from utilizing Amazon which offers same-day delivery for prescription drugs. CVS has already begun their own same day service in New York and no doubt will soon expand into other markets. This curious merger is paving the way for the future but not everyone is on board. According to Yahoo news, investors are concerned, and Amazon has not commented on the issue. Time alone will tell how this all works out.