Last week, Pewdiepie's scandal reached a brand new high. The 27-year-old YouTuber was dropped from his network, Maker Studios (which is owned by Disney). It was also reported that YouTube decided to cancel PewDiePie's show that was set to return on YouTube Red.


Most of this backlash is due to some of Felix's most recent videos. Lately, PewDiePie's videos have contained several anti-semitic jokes. One of the worst offenses was in a now deleted video, where Felix used an app called Fiverr to make two Indian men yell out "Death to all Jews!" The video received an incredible amount of disapproval and PewDiePie was first accused of being a Nazi.

PewDiePie has also been called out for saying the N-word and claiming that YouTube wants him to fail because he's white.

PewDiePie vs.WSJ

Since PewDiePie's controversy began, several YouTubers have come out in his defense. Now, those same YouTubers are going after one of the most famous news sites. On February 14, Wall Street Journal released an article covering PewDiePie's recent scandals and Disney's decision to sever ties with him. The website also released a video of the same nature, with many examples of PewDiePie's reported anti-semitism. PewDiePie has since responded to the article and video. He accused the site of purposely slandering him for attention. Felix's response video currently has 12 million views, 1.6 million likes, and 26,000 dislikes.

YouTubers vs. WSJ

Along with PewDiePie, several other vloggers have also accused Wall Street of slander. Anti-feminist Youtuber, Chris Ray Gun called their article a hit piece and claimed they were jealous of PewDiePie's success. Philip Defranco uploaded a video last week. In the video, he says that Wall Street Journal and mainstream media tried to destroy PewDiePie and it "backfired." Popular YouTuber Sargon of Akkad, released a video titled "#PewDiePieDidNothingWrong." Idubbbz tweeted to WSJ and told them that he was canceling his subscription.

What are your thoughts on the scandal?