With rising competition against #Google Home, Amazon has launched a brand new home device called Echo Show joining its Alexa bandwagon. This new smart speaker brings the Living Room AI landscape into a whole new level of fun and comfort. Amazon Echo Show sums up smartphone technology and old school telephone into two new features.

Introducing Amazon Alexa-powered Echo Show

This new #Amazon Alexa-powered device has a seven-inch touch screen and a video camera that let people make either video or voice calls to see each other using Wi-Fi connection.

Moreover, Amazon announces that it will release software updates to add voice calling features to existing Echo devices, NY Times reported.

According to Forbes, Amazon’s goal in launching Echo Show is to seal Alexa’s presence and dominance in the Market. The device currently holds 70percent of the market margin compared to Google Home’s 20percent while the remaining shares belong to other players like Samsung, LG and Harmon Kardon.

Google Home edges Amazon Echo Show

But here’s the catch, Amazon Alexa can only understand simple or series of commands but cannot respond in a two-way conversation. The response it will gather comes only from Microsoft-owned search engine Bing. This is an outright disadvantage over Google Home’s superior Google's search engine.

But only in that aspect

Conversely, Amazon clarified that the more Echo is used, the more Alexa will adapt to the users’ speech patterns, vocabulary, and preferences. In addition, about 130 apps are supported by Amazon Echo and Alexa voice commands. On the other hand Google Home has no specific list of supported apps, Mirror UK added.

In the end, Amazon Alexa is aggressively taking over the voice-enabled speaker market. According to a recent eMarketer study, more than 35 million Americans use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month this 2017. A figure that doubled from last year.

Amazon Echo Show Price list

The study also noted that Google Home and other devices are having a hard time in catching up with Amazon Alexa’s lead in terms of technology and hardware.

Google Home retails at $130 for a single unit but customers who will purchase two units will pay only $180 while Amazon Alexa’s new Echo Home is slated to release this June for $230.

Which do you think is the better living room AI speaker: the all-new Amazon Echo Show with Alexa or the Google Home?