Just like human beings, animals love comfort. When you decide to own a pet, you should be ready to provide the support that it needs, no matter its size. That includes one of the smallest animals you can rear, hamsters. Before you decide to parent a Hamster, you need to know that the creatures are very delicate and therefore, they need the best Care. A hamster needs to be fed well, friendly living conditions, and some toys to play with. Here are some basic tips to take care of your hamster and make its life comfortable.

1. Buy the most suitable cage for your hamster

Before you buy a hamster, you need to think of its habitat under your roof. According to SmallPetGuide.com, the hamster will be cramped if the habitat becomes too small, and if the space between the wires is wider than required, you will always find your pet outside. There are several types of cages that you can choose from depending on the size of your hamster or the number of hamsters you want to rear in a single cage. You should consult your nearest pet dealer for more guidance and suggestions.

2. Plan its feeding system

After deciding what kind of cage is suitable for your new visitor, you should then think about its watering and feeding system.

According to Washington Dc Patch, some hamsters love to feed while inside the dish, while others will just put their front feet at the edge. Since you can’t predict the hamster’s behavior, just buy a large dish. Hamsters love vegetables and fruit, especially foods high in protein. On matters of hydration, make sure you replace the water in the bottle regularly.

3. Play with your hamster and also buy it some toys

Hamsters love to play, and you can create a solid relationship with your hamster by finding some time to play with it. According to Stafford Oaks, never get scared that your little furball will get hurt if you accidentally drop him. However, never pick him up from the back, even when he is sleeping, or else he will get scared, and you should sit on your knees while playing with it.

You should also offer some toys to play with. Examples of toys include cardboard, soft wood, and paper items. However, you should avoid items with dangling threads, sharp edges, and objects with glitter, varnish, dye, or paint.

4. Make sure the hamster has clean living conditions

Hamsters require a clean environment. According to Washington DC Patch, the housing you provide for your little pet should be as clean as possible. You need to clean the toys, dish, water bottle, and bedding.