Even though Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry, she is not yet a part of the royal family. However, she has received an invitation to spend the Christmas celebration with Queen Elizabeth and other family members of the Windsor House. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has reported that Meghan will be the first non-family member to join the Windsors for their traditional three-day celebrations at Sandringham House in Norfolk.

At the request of Prince Harry, his grandmother has given permission for the newly engaged couple to spend the holiday together, starting with opening presents on Chrismas Eve with the family.

She will stay with the family through Boxing Day on December 26. Then, she and Harry will go on a vacation together to bring in the new year.

Up until now, only family members and their spouses were allowed to be with the Windsors. The Duchess of Cambridge was engaged to Prince William, but she had to wait until she was married before she was allowed to spend the Christmas holiday with the royal family. Mike Tindall also had to wait until he was married to Princess Anne's daughter, Zara before he had a chair at the dinner table with Queen Elizabeth during the Christmas holiday.

Reason rule is being broken

Kate Middleton and Mike Tindall had their families in the area where they could spend the holidays with them before they married into the royal family. The traditional rule is being broken for Meghan because her family is thousands of miles away in the United States. The monarchy has rules and traditions, but it has been noticed that when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, some rules are being broken.

Three-day celebration

The royal family Christmas tradition is a little more formal than the average family's celebration. Queen Elizabeth goes to Sandringham House a day ahead of everyone else to oversee the decoration and the Christmas tree and to make sure other Christmas symbols are in place.

On Christmas Eve, the entire family gathers for tea and to exchange gifts before attending a formal black-tie dinner. On Christmas Day, they will enjoy a full English breakfast before attending church today at St. Mary Magdalene Church that's on the property. Everyone returns to Sandringham House for a delicious lunch. At 3 PM the family will gather to watch Queen Elizabeth's broadcast as she delivers her usual Christmas Day speech to the country.

There will be one more at the gathering this year than it was last year because the newly engaged Los Angeles native will be in the group. The day after Christmas is Boxing Day. Meghan would have participated in everything up to this point of the celebration, but she is not expected to take part in the pheasant shoot on this day because she is opposed to blood sports. It is unlikely that anyone will force her to participate.