Angela Lansbury, known for her role in the long-running drama series "Murder, She Wrote" is coming under fire on social media. People couldn't believe it when her name began trending on Tuesday, November 28. They soon found out that the 92-year-old star made a remark during an interview that caught a lot of people off guard. They never expected a woman of her caliber would criticize the many women who reported harassment and assault in Hollywood over the years.

What Lansbury said

Lansbury indicated that she has been in Hollywood for over 75 years, but she insists she never encountered any kind of harassment while working as a young actress.

The longtime actress criticized the alleged victims by insinuating that it was partially their fault. She told Radio Times that there are two sides to this coin and women must accept some of the blame. What she said is trending, and she is being attacked for her remarks.

The printed article from the Radio Times interview was shared by BBC World journalist Julia Macfarlane. Since then, Lansbury has been accused of victim blaming.

Some of Lansbury's fans are asking her to retract her remark because they grew fond of her during her many years of solving murder cases on "Murder, She Wrote." She was always the kind person who did and said what was right.

People on social media are saying that just because Lansbury was not harassed herself, she should still empathize with the many other women who have come forward with their stories.

Gabby Douglas' remark

Angela Lansbury is not the first woman to victim shame the women who have reported harassment by many Hollywood producers and executives.

It doesn't seem like age has anything to do with the remarks some women are making against their own gender.

A few days ago, gymnast Gabby Douglas, who is 21 years old, made a similar remark in response to teammate Aly Raisman's confession that she was abused by Team USA doctor Larry Nassar. Douglas said the way women dress causes some of the harassment.

Like Lansbury, she was criticized on Twitter. She later apologized for her remark and then confessed that she had also been harassed by the team doctor.

The numbers seem to grow every day because women continue to come forward and name someone in Hollywood who has abused them. Women, like Angela Lansbury and Gabby Douglas, are in the minority, but once in a while, a woman does say something that causes a backlash on social media. Douglas apologized and moved on. Perhaps Lansbury will do the same.