Angela Lansbury made more than a few controversial statements about the Sexual Harassment and sexual assault allegations that have flooded Hollywood. However, not everybody agrees with her views and people have responded to her in force on Twitter.

Lansbury is a fixture in the entertainment world. At 92 she is still active on the stage and screen and has said she has never suffered from any sexual harassment in her 70-year career. She is a highly regarded and respected actress who has experienced all of the benefits of Hollywood fame.

However, her remarks over the current scandal rocking Hollywood showed little support for the victims, many of them struggling actresses and business executives.

Controversial remarks seem to blame women for being harassed

According to CNN, Landsbury told British entertainment site RadioTimes, women at times “must sometimes take blame” for their harassment. She added women have “have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately, it has backfired on us... “

She added, “We must sometimes take blame, women. I really do think that. Although it's awful to say we can't make ourselves look as attractive as possible without being knocked down and raped.”

She also said women shouldn’t be harassed and they shouldn’t expect or accept mistreatment because it isn’t acceptable. She said there was no excuse for the actions of people like Harvey Weinstein.

She also believed sexual harassment would “have to” come to a stop now because a lot of men are worried.

Lansbury is an icon of the entertainment world and a role model for women who are trying to succeed in the ultra-competitive world of entertainment. The British-born actress is best known for her roles in the American series “Murder She Wrote”, the movie “Manchurian Candidate, and hundreds of stage roles throughout her career.

She began acting when she was 16 and has had consistent and steady growth in her career.

Twitter ripped Lansbury apart for her statements

When the remarks were made public Twitter tore her apart. Some people claimed she is from a time when it was OK to sexually harass women and she hasn’t changed her ways and was out of touch.

Others said she does not understand the scope or prevalence of the problem in Hollywood.

Whatever the case, it became clear most people did not agree with her or support her position.

Many people would consider her statements to be “victim blaming” and insensitive to the pressures people face when they are trying to succeed in Hollywood.