Djalta and Ima are two Western Lowland gorillas, brought up in Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent England. They were released into the wild in the Batéké Plateau National Park in Gabon in 2003. Damian Aspinall, a gorilla conservationist expert who had brought the pair up from babies to the age of 12 years, comes to check on the pair every few years.

Four years after his last visit, he decided to introduce Djalta and Ima to his wife Victoria and the results of the meeting were incredibly heart-warming – so much so he thought the gorilla was going to take his wife for his own.

1. Searching for gorillas by drone

Aspinall and his wife, Victoria, took to a boat in crocodile-infested waters and traveled down a river in Gabon, searching for the two Western Lowland gorillas. They used a drone in their search and finally tracked the pair down.

2. Approaching the two gorillas

Pulling the boat up to the shore, Damian climbed out and was welcomed by Ima, who was happy to see his old friend. The gorillas were relaxed, sitting and watching as he came ashore.

In the Video included at end of article, he explains that the gorilla was “gurgling” to show his pleasure at the encounter.

3. Victoria comes ashore to meet the gorillas

Damian then invites Victoria to climb out of the boat and come ashore to meet his two friends. She slowly climbs out of the boat and into the water, wading towards the group. She is obviously a little nervous at meeting the creatures, who have lived alone in the wild for so many years.

Western Lowland gorillas are not normally known for enjoying the company of humans while out in the wild.

4. Wife reaches out towards the gorillas

Sitting down next to her husband, Victoria then reaches out towards Ima, somewhat taking a chance on the reaction she might receive from the gorilla.

Ima immediately approaches Victoria, while being obviously inquisitive and friendly towards her.

5. Hugs and love between humans and apes

What happened next is incredibly moving, with Ima thoroughly enjoying the attention from Victoria – while welcoming her hugs and attention.

6. Firm bond is formed between Victoria and Ima

The group returned the next day for a further visit with the apes.

The next image shows Victoria, lying comfortably in Ima’s lap while he plays with her hair and apparently falling in love with her. At this moment, Damian starts to wonder if he has lost his beloved wife to the friendly gorilla.

7. Ima steals Victoria’s hat

As noted by Happiest, the next moment is amazingly warm and funny, as Ima steals Victoria’s hat, placing it on his own head and posing for the camera. The gorilla is so taken with everything about Victoria that he seems to want to keep her all to himself.

Enjoy the whole moving story in the video included below: