It was earlier this month when the New York Times published their bombshell article about Bill O'Reilly. Fast forward to present day, and yet another host on Fox News is feeling the heat of Sexual Harassment allegations.

Hannity's tirade

For nearly 20 years, Bill O'Reilly was one of the top hosts on cable news, helping lead Fox News to become the most watched news channel in the process. Despite his success, O'Reilly's tenure with the network came crashing down when the New York Times uncovered that the former Fox News host had been accused of sexual harassment by at least five women who had previously worked at the network.

In addition, O'Reilly had reached a $13 million settlement with the women in an attempt to keep the story out of the public eye. After massive backlash and a loss of dozens of sponsors due the scandal, Fox News decided to fired O'Reilly, marking an end of an era in the process. Within days, Sean Hannity was hit with similar allegations, this time coming from former network contributor Debbie Schlussel who accused the host of trying to bring her back to his hotel room. Hannity denied the allegations, and as seen in a series of Twitter posts on April 30, is now taking further steps to defend himself.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday night, Sean Hannity made threats over the sexual harassment allegations against him, but was vague in who he was directing his message to.

"Oh FYI, Whoever you are just remember, IP addresses are traceable. Get Ready," Hannity wrote on his Twitter feed. "There is Zero chance they can stop me with lies, attacks, slander defamation, and NOW sabotage," Hannity tweeted out just moments later, before adding, "I have a massive army, ALL OVER THIS. SOON!!"

Over the course of his next several tweets, Sean Hannity responded to those who wrote back to him.

One Twitter user mocked Hannity for "cry(ing) a lot of someone with a fake black belt." "Brown. No crying at all. Full focus and resolve for truth and justice. Stay tuned," the Fox News host replied.

The next three tweets were in response to supporters of Sean Hannity, with the host appearing to virtually pump his chest about his plans in the future.

"I said the same thing. Ha. And it's true. And it's not only me they r after It's anyone and everyone who publicly supports @POTUS," he tweeted.

Double down

In response to a supporter claiming the media has been trying to get him fired and Donald Trump impeached, Sean Hannity replied in agreement. "Sadly sadly I agree with this. I have 3 high powered attorneys and 2 amazing top class investigators I have hired. They have no idea .....," he concluded. In his final tweet as of press time, Hannity added, "Thank you all irredeemable deplorable friends. I'm shutting down. Don't want to give more away than I should. A team is on this. Stay tuned." While it's unknown what Hannity has in mind, it appears he is not going to back down anytime soon.