Jon Bon Jovi, namesake, and frontman of the rock group Bon Jovi is loved, adored, and desired by millions of women across the world. Despite Bon Jovi's changing styles over the past three decades, one thing holds true, Jon Bon Jovi continues to stand the test of time with his female fans.

Here are seven reasons why women continue to adore Bon Jovi. Go to any Bon Jovi concert and you will find a sold-out venue where the women outnumber the men by an average of ten to one.

JBJ: 55 and going strong

1. The first thing you notice about Jon when he steps on stage is that smile.

Women just melt, and heaven help them when he purses those lips in the slightest pucker.

2. Jon is definitely a showman on stage. He knows how to engage the crowd and seduce his audience. The girls go wild when Jon, wearing a snug pair of pants, turns his back to the crowd and shakes his rear at them.

JBJ's charism shows in every performance

3. His voice...ladies cannot get enough. Whether he is belting out the band's rock anthem hits such as "Living On A Prayer" or slowing it down and crooning "Bed of Roses," "Always," or "I'll Be There For You," you will find women of all ages completely mesmerized by Jon's charisma.

4. At age 55 the rocker has long forgone his luscious long mane of wild, untamed hair for the more mature shorter style.

The singer's transformations from golden brown hair to the gray he proudly sports today has not phased his female fans in the least. In fact, they find Jon to be a complete silver fox.

5. Looking past his good looks and musical talent you will see his heart. Jon is a well-known philanthropist taking great pride and honor in giving back to his fans and community through his pet project, the JBJ Soul Foundation.

6. Loyalty and dedication. Jon has been married to his high school sweetheart Dorthea Hurley for more than 27 years. Despite having thousands of women throwing themselves at the singer on a daily basis, Jon considers Dorthea the "best deal he has ever made."

7. Last but not least, JBJ is a dedicated father to his four children, Stephanie, Jesse, Jacob, and Romeo.

When not on the road Jon can often be found engaging with his family, whether it be at home, on vacation, or at their school events.

Musician, actor, philanthropist, husband, and father, Jon Bon Jovi is the total package and has been for more than thirty years. He is often described as having the same charming effect on his female fans as Elvis Presley.

One thing is for sure, JBJ will go down in music history not only for his talent, but as one of the most beloved musicians of all-time. What are your favorite things about Jon Bon Jovi?