Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi has been married to his wife Dorthea for 27-years. The couple recently celebrated their 27th anniversary and revealed the secrets of a lasting marriage.

Jon and Dorthea reveal they have 'grown together' over the years

So how does one of the most famous Rock And Roll heartthrobs of the past 35 years manage to stay locked down in a loving and committed marriage while traveling across the world? The happy couple and parents of four children, Stephanie, 23, Jessie, 22, Jacob, 14, and Romeo, 13, chalk it all up to being high school sweethearts.

They were together when it all began for Jon, through all the good and bad.

Dorthea Bon Jovi secure with her relationship, loves all of Jon's fans

It is actually very sweet to see just how in love these two are after all of these years, four children, and some pretty bumpy times. Jon describes Dorthea as the glue in their marriage -- the one who has held it all together while he was off living the rock and roll dream. What they have said is that they are committed to each other 100 percent, and through thick and thin, no matter what troubles have come their way, they have stuck it out, solving their problems together. Dorthea is thrilled that her husband's fans are so committed, and that they know that when the lights go down and the show is over, she is the one that Jon comes home to.

"Somehow it works. I think because we grow at the same rate. We grew equally and not in opposite directions," stated Mrs. Bon Jovi to People magazine in 2016. Jon laughed at the label he has been given, saying, "Somehow I became the poster boy for a long-married rock star. But I'll accept the mantle because I'm so happy."

Jon is currently on break from his most recent tour "This House Is Not For Sale." The tour began in February and just ended the first leg in April with a double booking at Madison Square Garden.

This tour, much like the band's last one, did not come without some drama. As previously reported, Jon was forced to end his Pittsburg show earlier due to illness.

The band went on and played an hour and a half of the normally two and a half hour show despite Jon being extremely ill with bronchitis. His voice was just not 100 percent and you could tell he was very upset that he was letting fans down.

He became so ill that under doctor's advice Jon was forced to postpone the Madison Square Garden shows by a week and announced that the band's show in Denver was canceled altogether due to unforeseen circumstances. Fans in Denver did not handle the news too well at all and flooded the Bon Jovi website with complaints. It is not known what exactly the unforeseen circumstances were.