Prince Harry's engagement to "Suits" star Megan Markel is considered by some to be a curious one and is causing quite a stir around the world. The union between the son of the future King Of England and the American actress indicates opens doors for the royal family to deal with issues that not even came about because of Princess Diana. The two things that are being talked about the most are the fact that Markel is biracial and she is a Hollywood actress. In this age of diversity, it's hard to believe Megan's ethnic heritage, and choice of career should disqualify her from being a part of the House Of Windsor.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that would raise eyebrows should a royal marriage occur.

Megan Markel will not be held to Princess Diana standards

When Lady Di was engaged to Prince Charles, he was the heir apparent to the throne and rumor says she was subjected to tests to prove she was a virgin. This was not the requirement for Kate Middleton and certainly cannot be for Megan Markel because she has already been married. Her divorce has some believing that she is not proper material for the royal house of Windsor. The fact that her father is black and her mother white is also causing quite a stir.

Her ethnicity and the fact that she previously has been married are not the only difference between the "Suits" star and other royals.

Her career of choice also brings up some questions. Prince Harry's future wife to be is the first woman in the royal family with a career in the United States. People are wondering if she will give up acting to live as a princess full time, or if not how the marriage will work out. Because her intended is not directly in line to be the King of England, Ms.

Markel may be cut some slack and not endure the scrutiny of her Prince's mother.

Can Megan make it as a proper lady in the house of Windsor

The biggest curiosity that the public seems to have is whether or not Megan Markel the actress can settle in as a proper lady in the house of Windsor. Will she be agreement with etiquette lessons and listen to the Queen, or will she rebel and do things her own way as did Sarah Ferguson who was married to Prince Harry's uncle, Andrew?

Markel could thumb her nose at the royal family and continue to dress and conduct herself as an actress, or she may settle in and take a cue from future sister in law Kate Middleton.

It's only natural that Megan's career, ethnicity, and her overall lifestyle would cause tongues to wag because she is very different than other women who married into the royal family. The bottom line is that Prince Harry chose her just as she is, and if he approves then why should anyone outside the house of Windsor even care. Even so, the world will be watching this curious union, to see how it all plays out.