For a TV show to be successful, it needs to have a great storyline, proper direction, and, most importantly, magnificent actors. Audiences tend to invest a significant amount of time into TV Shows they really love and this usually guarantees the show’s longevity. However, what happens when actors that audiences love are replaced by other actors? In rare cases, the show manages to stay afloat. Just like the classic TV series “Cheers,” where Kristie Alley had to replace Shelley Long after her departure from the show prior to its sixth season. “Cheers” was able to last 11 seasons even with Long’s absence.

Nevertheless, other shows weren’t as lucky. With that said, here are some of the popular TV shows that were ruined after they replaced one of the main actors.

‘That 70’s Show’

That 70’s Show” was once a very popular period sitcom that focused on the lives of teenagers living in the late 70’s. One of the show’s main cast members, Topher Grace, was relatively unknown before joining the series but went on to become one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood because of the show’s popularity. However, Grace decided to leave the show after the seventh season, along with fellow cast member Ashton Kutcher. Grace was no longer on the show when the eighth season debuted but Kutcher stuck around for the first four episodes.

After that, “That 70’s Show’s” popularity significantly declined and was not renewed for a ninth season.

‘Spin City’

Spin city” was a sitcom based on a fictional local government in New York City. The show starred Michael J. Fox, who returned to TV years after ending his last TV show, “Family Ties.” Fox had to leave “Spin City” after its fourth season due to his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Another popular actor, Charlie Sheen, replaced him on the show after Fox left. The tone of the show changed without Fox and became more of a romantic sitcom. Ratings began to decline during the fifth season and continued to do so in the sixth season. The network decided to cancel the show after only six seasons.

‘The Office’

The Office” was an American adaptation of a British comedy series of the same name. The show depicted the lives of office employees from a fictional company called Dunder Mifflin. “The Office” was very popular among audiences and was well received by critics, mainly because of the great performance of Steve Carrel. However, Carrel wanted to move on from the show after his contract expired at the end of season seven. Producers wanted to continue the series even without Carrel and decided to replace him with veteran actor James Spader. “The Office” was never the same without Carrel and was poorly received by audiences. Consequently, the show’s ninth season would be its last.