The show takes place on a -- you guessed it -- ranch in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. The story's main cast is the Bennett family which is composed of a father (played by Sam Elliot), a mother (Debra Winger), and two sons (Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson). The show is a somewhat vulgar sitcom that follows the family's hardships of running a farm as their only source of income, as well as the hardships found in everyone’s social life. The show has done decently well even though the plot isn't very strong or original, but its setting and characters seem to be the real charm of the show.

'The Ranch': quick overview

The main protagonist of the show, played by Ashton Kutcher, is a failed professional football player. He left his home, The Ranch, for 15 years to follow his dreams of making it to the big leagues. His younger brother, played by Danny Masterson, stayed behind to live with his dad on the ranch to help him keep the place in working order and to keep the land as well. But when Kutcher comes back home, the family goes through some major changes. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett have a very interesting arrangement in that they are essentially separated, but still married and in love with each other. To be honest, their marriage is confusing and part of what makes you want to keep watching the show is to understand that relationship.

The blast to the past

What really interests me in this show is the chemistry between Kutcher and Masterson. If you didn't already know, both actors were main characters in the late 90's sitcom "That 70's Show" in which Masterson and Kutcher were good friends in the show's plot. The interactions between Kutcher and Masterson in "The Ranch" are so like their interactions in "That 70's Show." Even their characters across both shows are somewhat similar.

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"That 70's Show" is one of my favorite sitcoms out there, so "The Ranch" is a fun way to see a modern rendition of the two interacting and poking fun at each other, but as brothers.

Seeing some familiar faces

Other main actors from "That 70's Show" have agreed to make cameo appearances in the show's future. There may even be some permanent minor characters that stick with the show.

In the show's first season, Jon Cryer, who worked with Kutcher on "Two and a Half Men" had a small part in the show as well. So, it won't be too big of a surprise to see more of Kutcher's past co-stars. The show's second season is scheduled to release on June 16th of this year for another 20 episodes. So, grab your saddles and grab your popcorn for the show's second season premiere.