Most people around the world know Melania Trump as the first lady of the USA. She is quiet, unlike her husband who loves to be in the spotlight and she seldom responds to her critics. Like any other politician, Donald Trump has his dirty secrets, but the first lady of the United States life has a few interesting facts of her own. Here are a few facts about her that you may find interesting.

Melania Trump is the second first lady after Louisa Adams to be foreign-born

Louisa Adams and her sisters were told by their father, who was British, that they should marry Americans.

Fortunately, she was married to John Quincy Adams, becoming the first foreign-born first lady. Melania is the first first lady to be born and raised in a foreign and a communist country. English is not her first language, and she is the only first lady who is also the third wife.

Melania didn’t give Trump her number the first time they met

Melania had attended a party in New York, in 1992. Donald Trump, who was a playboy then, arrived with a woman, but upon seeing Melania, he sent his companion to the bathroom so that he could talk to his new target. Trump's reputation for womanizing was well known, so when he asked for Melania's number, she instead asked him for his details. Trump gave her all his numbers, and she realized he was serious.

She walked her first catwalk as a child

Melania Trump's mum, Amalija Ulcnik, was a patterns developer for a clothing factory. Due to her connections, she encouraged her daughter's passion for modeling from a young age, and when she was just five, she took to the catwalk for the first time. Now you know why she was seen wearing stilettos on her way to Texas.

The first lady is meticulous about her appearance and what she wears in public.

She dropped out of architectural school

Melania attended the Design and Photography Secondary School in Ljubljana and was spotted by Stane Jerko, a photographer 1987. She sent her photos to the Slovenian cultural center where they enrolled her in a modeling and fashion course.

She dropped out of the architectural school at Ljubljana University to focus on modeling, primarily in print.

She speaks five languages

The first lady is known for her thick accent, and people like to hear her public speeches. She is an exceptional lady with great linguistic prowess. She can speak English, Slovene, Serbian, German and French.

Melania Trump is also very humble, but what might surprise Americans is the fact that the former presidential candidate who ran against her husband, Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, attended Melania and Donald Trump's wedding. Melania also has a half brother called Denis Cigelnjak who still lives in Slovenia.