Were you expecting that big paternity reveal in “The Blacklist” season 4 finale? For many fans, the idea of Red being Liz’s father has been the theory from the very beginning. However, there were plenty of fans who hoped that wouldn’t be the case. Even now Liz has DNA testing to prove Red is her father, there are questions about the legitimacy.

Is it possible that the paternity reveal is actually one big bluff? Fans have put together a few clues that show James Spader’s Red may not be Liz’s father after all.

The DNA was from decades earlier

It’s worth pointing out that the DNA testing was only possible because Harold tampered with some evidence.

He pulled DNA samples from Red’s file from 20+ years ago. Those samples matched with Liz’s DNA, proving that Red is her father.

People say that DNA never lies, but that can’t be said for people. It is highly possible that Red isn’t the man he says he is. James Spader may be impersonating Red. After all, nobody really knows what Red will look like now.

This theory was circulated in season 3. The FBI arrested a man who pretended to be Red, leaving the task force confused and divided. Was it possible that the man who said he was Raymond Reddington from the beginning of the show the real Red?

Dembe points out the possibility of a bluff in ‘The Blacklist’

After Liz confronts Red about the genetic link, she decides that she is going to forgive him for the lies.

It’s only when she’s gone that Dembe points out that Red never said he wasn’t Liz’s father. At the same time, Red never really admitted to being Liz’s father. In fact, Red once told Liz that he categorically wasn’t her father.

Is it possible that this is a shock to Red as it is to Liz? Could it be that Red believed Alexander Kirk was actually Liz’s father?

He has also made it clear that her father is dead, so does he believe that someone else is actually her father—the real Red, maybe?

If Red is impersonating the real man without question or worry, it suggests that he knows the real Red is dead. There is no doubt that the DNA test is real, so it is possible that Spader is impersonating the man who really is Liz’s father.

That way, Spader’s Red has never lied and that explains why he categorically stated he wasn’t Liz’s father.

It’s definitely confusing to think about. “The Blacklist” has done well at creating crafty, tricky situations. The writers aren’t afraid to make people think and keep fans guessing. We will hopefully find out in season 5 if Spader’s Red is the real guy and really Liz’s father.