Geostorm” is the latest disaster film to hit theaters which stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Gerard Butler, Ed Harris, and Andy Garcia, just to name a few. The film’s story revolves around a satellite designer named Jake Lawson, played by Butler, who has to save the world from an enormous storm caused by malfunctioning satellites that control the climate.

The story of “Geostorm” may be promising, but the film is failing at the box office and only managed to rake in $13.3 million on its opening weekend over an estimated budget of $120M.

So why is the film tanking at the box office? Being critically panned certainly does not help, in addition to other factors.

Director Dean Devlin struggled with 'Geostorm'

According to a report by Deadline, Dean Devlin is a first-time director and he was overwhelmed due to the large scale of the movie.

Devlin has experiences with big movies, such as “Independence Day” and “Godzilla.” However, he was involved in those movies only as a screenwriter and a producer, making “Geostorm” his directorial debut -- perhaps he wasn’t ready to take on such a big project.

Devlin’s first cut of the movie was said to be unwatchable, according to the report. Jerry Bruckheimer had to be brought in to try to salvage what was left of the movie and went on to re-shoot some of the scenes, costing an additional $15M.

‘Geostorm’ was not promoted properly

Films need to be marketed properly in order to attract attention prior to its release. Studios promote their films by creating trailers to tease the audience with what they can expect from the movie. In this case, however, "Geostorm" even failed to do that, and released two totally different trailers, according to a report by Looper.

The first trailer portrayed the film to be a catastrophic event in a very subtle way. The second trailer, however, showed some of the same clips from the first trailer but with a more comedic tone. As a result, the audience might be confused as to what the film is really all about.

Gerard Butler fails to attract audiences

The “Olympus Has Fallen” star seems to be having trouble attracting audiences to his movies, and “Geostorm” is no different from his other films, such as “Machine Gun Preacher” in 2011 and “God’s of Egypt” in 2016. Butler has been unable to equal the success of his most iconic role as Leonidas in “300,” which made $70.9M when it debuted in theaters in 2007.