There are many different ways people look back on being teenagers. Many people found being a teenager was fun. You had your own sense of independence, but you didn't have to financially worry about yourself. Others disagree. There wasn't enough independence, or there was too much. teens Today are growing up more slowly than teens in previous generations. So why is that, and is it a bad thing?

The differences in generations

What we seem to see now in teenagers compared to teenagers in the 1980s and 1990s is vastly different. Many teenagers now don't drive.

Driving is generally seen as an important milestone as a teenager and as a parent. However, fewer teens are learning how to drive in the first place. While public transportation is becoming more popular fewer less people driving, some people see the lack of a driving skill as a bad thing.

However, teenagers today also consume less alcohol and engage in fewer sexual activities. While sex may not be initially dangerous, many teens are not responsible enough or educated enough to make smart sexual decisions. As well as less sex, teens today are having fewer romantic relationships. Alcohol has always had negative side effects. From making poor choices to becoming a full addiction, less alcohol consumption can overall be seen as a good thing.

We also see teens with less life skills. Many teens do not have jobs that they work for money. There is a lack of time management, independence, and experience. The lack of these skills causes problems for teenagers when they go to college or move out on their own. There is a lack of understanding on how the world works outside of living with their parents, which results in difficulty adjusting to actual adult life.

Is slower growth a bad thing?

Of course, learning that teenagers in the United States are growing up slower than generations before can be concerning. Luckily, there isn't much to be concerned about. There isn't a problem with teens growing up at their own pace. There shouldn't be a rush for them to do things as they grow up just because they reach certain age milestones.

While it isn't inherently a bad thing to allow teenagers to grow at their own pace, it is important to make sure that life skills are still instilled on them. Teenagers will still need to know how to take care of themselves and manage their own time when they live on their own and develop their own skills.

If your teenager appears to be a teenager who is growing up more slowly than you did, don't fret. It isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But why?

Overall, Scientists have not discovered a reason why teenagers are growing up more slowly now than before. Some think that it might be because of advances in technology. Many teens today state that they haven't been on a date yet or that they don't go out as much as teenagers did before.

Perhaps social media plays a big part in this, as they can communicate with others without having to be face to face.

While social media and technology is not a bad thing, it is still important to teach teenagers to survive without social media and technology. Scientists suggest having time periods where teens aren't allowed to use their phones or social media.

Ultimately, what you do as a parent is your choice. However, just because your teen is growing up a little differently from the way you did doesn't mean something is wrong. They just grow up differently than you did.