Sports sedans belong to a niche sector. Only those who are ultimately serious about speed and overall performance will buy such a vehicle. Sports sedans also come significantly more expensive than the traditional ones on the market. Given this, why are auto makers still cashing in on this segment?

For one, its record-breaking performance attracts a steady stream of car enthusiasts. Apparently, these people simply love their sports sedans especially as they quench their thirst for anything outrageous and powerful. Even better, one sports sedan may well be equivalent to two traditional autos in terms of monetary value.

This niche vehicle segment has been dominated by the likes of BMW and other high-end German brands. Kia, on the other hand, seems a little bit off in this arena. Kia is known for its sedans, but not for extreme ones.

Kia wanted to make a point and successfully proved it. They took their 2018 Kia Stinger Gt to Nurburgring and it handled the track like a seasoned pro. The Korean auto maker has etched its place in Nurburgring just like Tesla, BMW, Ferraris, Audis, Porsches and many more.

Nurburgring Performance

Nurburgring is the best place to test any vehicle capabilities and take it to the extreme. Ordinary vehicles may have a challenging time navigating its 73 corners, complete with 17 percent incline and 11 percent decline.

However, the 2018 Kia Stinger GT did an impressive job attacking the 'Ring's tracks head on.

Autoblog wrote that the Stinger GT's acceleration was incredible! This came unexpectedly as it is a rather long and heavy car. It weighs close to 4,000 pounds so speed was expected to be one of its downfalls. Surprisingly, this was never an issue.

It accelerated from zero to 62 mph in just 4.9-seconds. Other vehicles of its kind did a better time but this is the fastest record ever set by a Kia.

What to expect?

According to Auto Blog, here are important facts about the Stinger:

  • It will have three powertrain options globally: the entry-level 2.0T with an output of 255-horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque; a 3.3-liter twin-turbo capable of 356-horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque; and a 2.2-liter diesel engine.
  • All engines are mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.
  • Rear-wheel drive and All-wheel drive are available.
  • The GT will come with Michelin 225/40 R19 and 255/35 R19 for the front and back tires.
  • There will be a Harman Kardon 15-speaker surround-sound audio system available.
  • There will be an 8.0-inch infotainment display above the dash.

Official arrival

The new Kia will arrive in the U.S.

around about October. The sports vehicle is groundbreaking for Kia, an auto maker known for its conservative and traditional vehicles. Having the 2018 Kia Stinger GT is sure to take its reputation to whole new level. It's just a matter of time before Kia finally solidifies itself as a cutting-edge and daring brand, which is a little different from what was shown in this year's Super Bowl ad.