Bruno Mars is at it again! This time, he veers away from his usual suave dance moves seen on his "That's What I Like" and "24K Magic" videos. His latest video showcases the singer still all swag but this time sensually Playing The Piano.

The video of "Versace On The Floor" features one of the hottest female celebrities. She is none other than Zendaya. She appears wearing a form-fitting and short silver Versace dress. Zendaya gives a whole new level of sensuality and romanticism in the video.

Is Zendaya the right choice for the video?

It is somehow mixed but mostly yes.

Is Zendaya an unlikely choice as the video's leading lady? Maybe so. She is young and just blooming. Not many viewers expect for her to appear in a video that's leaning towards artistic sexuality.

The song is about a guy serenading his partner to make her remove her Versace dress. Well, apparently, the song is suggestive and provocative. This song is not entirely the perfect one for Zendaya's young and sweet demeanor.

However, her appearance in the video is perfect if she wants the world to know of her maturity. The video lets the whole world know that Zendaya is now an elegant grown woman!

Also, she was sensual but not sexual. She did not remove her clothes as what the song implies. She kept her Versace dress the entire time until the very last part which only showed it dropping on the floor.

No part of her body was exposed but her feet.

Did the video follow the song's theme?

Oh yes, the video did! It is refreshing to see Bruno Mars playing the piano and serenading again. His high-octane dance breaks are excellent! However, seeing him back doing what he does best is even better. The video showcased this side.

The color is worth mentioning too.

The video's predominantly purple hue gave it warm, fuzzy, sensual vibe. The "Versace on the floor" video stayed away from anything red which somehow makes it downright sexual and raunchy.

The video's slow panning from Mars singing and Zendaya leaning against the wall to listen gave it a playful and flirty feel. The bed, the sheets, the floor, the piano -- all worked so well!

Worth the millions of hits!

The video "Versace on the floor" got millions of hits a day after its official release. It is worth it! The video titillates without anyone grabbing and kissing each other. It somehow shows the right amount of sensuality without anyone grinding, twerking, and getting undressed.

The video is so different from Bruno Mar's "Gorilla" video which also has millions of hits. The "Versace On The Floor" video somehow embodies the philanthropic Mars that everyone knows.