A drone is now considered the best gadget to capture perfect moments with impressive precision. It is capable of going to heights and distances unable to be reached by typical cameras. They are packed with so many features that having one is slowly becoming a necessity.

With all the advanced video and photo imaging capabilities, drones come in with a steep price tag. While some consider this as a worthy investment, most opt not to spend too much and just settle for the common and traditional means.

Some drones do come in at very affordable prices but the quality is not entirely reliable.

Buyers then end up wanting more as some important features are missing. This is where the DJI Spark comes into the picture.

Big things come in small packages

For one, it is considered more affordable than its bigger and more expensive sibling, the Phantom 4 Pro. It is a given the Phantom 4 Pro holds the title for being the ultimate drone, however, it is not for everyone. It is insanely expensive for someone who just wants to take everyday photos and videos with family and friends. Its $1,500 price tag is for the serious photographer/videographer who considers the Phantom 4 Pro to be an ideal investment.

The DJI Spark is less than half the price of the Phantom 4 Pro. It is only priced at $500. It may still be priced a little steep for a drone, but this is definitely better than spending over a thousand dollars for the best ever quality possible.

Even better, the DJI Spark is portable. One can literally take it anywhere. Unlike the Phantom 4 Pro, The Spark can almost fit in the palm of your hand. Its weight also adds to its overall appeal. It only weighs 10.6-ounces.

Don't let its size and weight fool you. Its camera shares the same quality as that of an iPhone's. It has a 1/2.3-inch CMOS image sensor.

It also can capture 12-megapixel still images. It is even more technologically advanced for having GPS satellite positioning.

The DJI Spark's flight time is nothing compared to the almost 30-minutes of its bigger counterparts but 16-minutes is not too bad. Such a time frame is enough to capture important moments. This is also significantly better compared to the 6-minutes flight time of Dobby.

Should one buy it?

Yes! This is an incredibly lightweight but heavy duty drone which is big on capturing special moments. For someone who demands to have the best of what a drone can offer without spending over a thousand dollars, the DJI Spark is the best option. This is a drone worth every penny because of what it can do and deliver.