The HBO hit yet again showed another inspired and raw episode. The series "Insecure" deserves another season. Fans even want it to continue more.

Fans got an early treat when HBO announced "Insecure" coming back for its second season. Since its Season 2 Episode 1 airing, many more viewers instantly became fans.

The show started as Issa Rae's YouTube mini series had stable viewers. It showed the life of an ordinary Black American woman who regularly faces life's demands and pressures. The YouTube mini series represented everyone, whether black or not, female or otherwise.

The show is highly relatable, so it garnered millions of views.

It did not take long for HBO to take notice. HBO capitalized on this new talent. From a simple YouTube mini series "Awkward Black Girl" in 2011, it became "Insecure" with Season 1 last Oct. 9, 2016. Even better, "Insecure" Season 3 is also confirmed!

"Insecure" Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4 somehow is the most entertaining out of all episodes for Season 2. It showed Issa simply hanging out and having fun. The episode mainly revolved around Issa and her friends in an event.

The only time it showed another location involved Lawrence in the supermarket. He had problems with paying for his alcohol, but luckily the two ladies behind him paid for it.

The women followed him outside and suggested for him to hang out with them. Of course, he obliged.

Lawrence's night turns out better compared with Issa's. He eventually made out and "did the deed" with the two girls. Unfortunately, Lawrence's night turned sour when he failed to satisfy the second lady in bed. In spite of his request to rest before another round, both women lost interest.

Issa, on the other hand, approached Daniel to clear things out. It was awkward. Daniel appeared to be not in the mood to talk to her. So they just ended the conversation. To compensate from the awkward moment with Daniel, she turned to Tinder for some relief.

As if the night is not bad enough for her, Issa's Tinder date did not like her in person.

Felix apparently had issues with her looking different from her profile picture. It is straightforward to gauge that Felix felt deceived. He just said he had friends at the event and left Issa.

The night of awkwardness and disappointment ended, and all of them were famished. They went to this restaurant with a guy Kelli which she calls Sweetie. Well, Issa noticed that Daniel was on the other table. She did not have any choice, so she just ordered and ate.

While in the middle of her storytelling, Kelli began to sound and look weird. Apparently, Daniel also noticed Kelli's reaction. Issa reached out to her phone for a message. It was Daniel asking if Kelli's being "serviced" by Sweetie. Both Issa and Daniel smiled.

Setting the awkwardness aside, Issa moved to the other table and joined Daniel.

It was so far the best episode

Out of the four episodes of Season 2, I liked the fourth immensely. It was casual and light. However, the rawness is still very much present. It did not show Tasha which I always feel sorry for all the time. It did not show Molly's issues at work which I find unfair.

It was just a night of stories, awkward moments, and overflowing drinks. Pretty much like how most people go through when they are just out with their friends. I can't wait for the fifth episode next week! I wonder how different it is from Season 4.