The movie "Bad Moms" rose to fame because of the characters' crazy portrayal of how mothers are supposed to be. The film is fictional, maybe an even over-the-top depiction of moms, but that's the fun aspect of it all.

Mila Kunis (Amy) played a typical mother who is married with two children. Things turned for the worse when she found out her husband was cheating on her. She kicked him out of the house and worked hard to support her two kids.

As fate would have it, Amy met the other two instrumental characters in the movie. She met the laid back, sexually-charged, and outrageous mom, Kathryn Hahn (Carla).

The other character is opposite of Carla named Kiki. Kiki played by Kristen Bell is submissive and often abused and taken for granted by her husband.

The movie "Bad Moms" then went on showing how fun it is to be carefree and independent, thanks to Carla. This type of demeanor brought the film a good box office performance last year

It is now the movie's second installment turn to entertain!

A year later, "Bad Moms" is back. This time all three characters face the rigors of preparing for Christmas. In one of their conversations, Kiki expressed how Christmas season stresses her out for finding the perfect gift. Unfortunately, all she gets are coupons and some lousy back rubs.

To make their Yuletide season extra challenging, each of their moms come over to visit.

A scene from a trailer even showed Amy's mom saying that Christmas is about mothers giving joy and not enjoying themselves.

The trailer went on to show the antics Amy, Kiki, and Carla did to put more wildness into their traditional and typical Christmas preparations. The "Bad Moms Christmas" is full of alcohol, outrageous behavior, independent remarks, and much more.

This film is for fun! Don't take it too seriously!

Yes, "Bad Moms Christmas," just like last year's "Bad Moms," brings a different kind of comedic relief to mothers out there. The movie is for entertainment purpose and not to be an example for moms to do. All moms are aware of that, of course. Viewers just need to relax and enjoy the movie altogether.

Sure, the movie shows irresponsible behavior. However, it is to exaggerate a common fact. It is something that does not happen every day, so it's entertaining to see in a movie.

Viewer's reception

"Bad Moms Christmas" premieres on Nov. 3, 2017, so it is not exactly during the yuletide season. However, seeing the rambunctious trio and their antics are always an excellent thing.