Being addicted to TV Shows has become an acceptable hobby, and a perfect way to spend 14 consecutive hours. Binge-watching can be marvelous; however, after a certain amount of time, the episodes will come to an end. Maybe the ending is not definite, and the show will be back; however, there are some steps one can take to properly get over that one special TV Show or Book whose ending broke you into tiny pieces, and try to fill that endless void of despair.

Realize you have to move on

Okay, if you think about it, you might have spent more time with that TV Show than with socializing with your friends, so it is understandable if you find yourself in the midst of break-up kind of feeling.

Although the show might not have done such a good job at filing plot holes, or giving characters the ending you thought they deserved; you still have to let it go. It's easy to get absorbed into a fictional reality, and forget that their storylines are actually created by script writers. Nevertheless, since the show ended and the magic is over, you must try to remember that there are ways to move on.

Join a fandom

In the cases where your connection to the show was too strong, it is a good idea not to drop it "cold-turkey." Fandoms are an amazing way to keep in touch with fellow fans, discuss hot topics, and share opinions regarding cliffhangers. You get to see pictures of your favorite actors, speculation, and theories about episodes, and you will be informed of how the actors/actresses are doing.

Basically, it's an alternative method to still feel connected to the show that is also socially accepted and utilized by millions simultaneously. It allows you to see that you are not alone in your pain.

Do not write fan fiction

Although they have become popular in pop culture, fan fiction does not allow you to move on. Maybe the ending of the show was poorly done, or, due to cancellation it never had an ending at all.

However, the ending you or someone else created through fan fiction is not real. It may be ideal in your head, but it will not help you in the difficult journey of closure. Also, do not dedicate a fan account/blog to it, because it requires time, and will not help you move on.

Find a new love

It seems impossible that there would be any other TV Show or books that would replace the love you just lost.

Of course, nothing will completely fill that void if you were too devoted, however, there will be other amazing shows to fall in love with. Of course, it will take some time, but eventually, you will move on.