After a finale that had the fandom torn apart between excitement and sadness, the show was finally rebooted for another season. Although there appear to be some major changes in the upcoming season regarding the story line and the cast, the writers stated that the essence of the show will nevertheless, remain the same.

Expected plot

Apart from Hook, Regina, and Mr.Gold, all the other regular characters of the show will not be attending anymore. Emma, Snow, Charming, young Henry, Belle, and Zelena will not be series regular anymore. On the contrary, Henry's character will not disappear, but rather age 'slightly'.

The series will experience a narrative 're-set', as the show's cliffhanger indicated. According to Lana Parrila, or the ex-Evil Queen, the characters will be facing a new even more dangerous curse (how more dangerous can it get?!). Furthermore, the story line will now be set in a new city, and the characters will have somewhat different identities. Further details about the plot were not revealed from the script writers.

Since Hook will be returning this upcoming season without Emma Stone, it has lead fans to vividly speculate. Whatever the reasons for her not returning this upcoming season, the fans are not so happy. They are either thinking about her death or probably being stuck in another realm (we would never want anything malicious to happen to our savior).

Fans are somewhat sad to see such a major and important part of the crew to depart when the show is not close to its ultimate finale just yet.

What does Lana have to say about this

Lana Parrila seems pretty excited for the upcoming season and encourages fans to keep waiting for amazing things to occur. Since it started, the show has brought to life many fairy tale classics and it will continue with the same rhythm.

There are even rumors of Moanna being brought in the next season of the show. Lana Parrilla went on to state that she would love to incorporate Stars Wars into the upcoming season. She even went on to say that he could be a possible love interest for the queen. Although most likely if he were to enter the universe of Once Upon a Time, he would end up as the main villain in need of defeating.

The finale of season 6 had the fans wondering if that should have been the end it, rather than go on with another season. Despite the doubts, the fandom is still happy to have part of what's left and something to keep their Friday nights happy!