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Barron Trump and Melania close-up festers disturbing controversy across social media

He dresses like a little man and Barron Trump is very distinguished looking for a kid, but are folks forgetting today that he is only a child?
There's a photo making the rounds on social media of Barron Trump with a camera taking a close-up picture of his mother, Melania Trump. Some folks are finding the photo just a little too-close up, while others find it rather disturbing. The photo, which was posted on Twitter, is gathering more negative comments by the minute today. So, the kid is playing with a camera? As the website Death and Taxes suggests, "you can't unsee this photo." They also suggest that Barron Trump appears to "loom over his mommy's legs" while taking a "blow up" picture of her. The photo was taken at the beginning of the year when Barron was only 9-years-old. It was in January, long before the man of the house became the President-Elect of the nation. You can see the tweet below: One woman took this photo to a different level with her comment. A woman named Shauna sarcastically asks "Why can't the Trumps take family photos that don't make me want to call CPS." It is assumed "CPS" stands for Child Protective...