Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock party with Trump at the White House
And we get an apparently 'authentic' view of Trump's gregariousness and generosity
Emma Vulet
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Trump-China-Russia escalation: how can US defeat Russia and China in an air war?

In the event Trump manages to start a war against Russia and China, how can the US military win the air war to follow?
Trump has shelled out a lot of negative statements against China and Russia. Insults and military actions tensed up the relationship between the three superpowers and a single wrong move can start a hot war. In the event of Trump starting a war, how can the US win? Pentagon will deploy massive amounts of jamming equipment Almost all modern aircraft, missiles, and ICBMs rely on computers, GPS, and radar to locate targets. A strong and effective jamming system is America’s only hope. US airspace is inundated with surveillance systems and using jamming devices to temporarily delay enemy advance is America’s preliminary defense during a war. Jamming is achieved not by reducing the enemy’s radar ability, but to overload it with all sorts of signals making it impossible for modern jets and missiles to locate their target. The US military relies heavily on the ALQ-99 jamming system, which has protected America since the 1970s. Is the initial jamming system enough to defend America from...