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Missing Texas toddler Sherin Mathews draws support from crime experts

Nancy Grace, specialists, experts all care more about little Richardson girl than MIA parents.
No one has to second-guess where yesterday’s “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” podcast expert-guests stand. They’re team Sherin Mathews all the way. The 22-pound, three-year-old little girl missing from Richardson, TX, won the heart of Grace and her guests. All the way from India to Richardson, Sherin has taught a lot of people across the U.S.A. a very big lesson about what it means to love. In her years of what ideally would have glistened with her innocence, two people failed her miserably. Her parents promised to love her and treat her right when they adopted her, but somehow, they lost her along the way on October 7. Wesley and Sini Mathews are, currently, missing in action, totally MIA, at a time when their toddler daughter needs them the most. First, Sherin's parents lost her and, then, they abandoned her, the very thing that had already happened to her when she arrived at an orphanage in India. The two people who called themselves her parents have yet to ask the public...