The 11 rules of the perfect Trumpian
A saying from 1943 may well give a warning to the United States in 2017
Giovanni (Gianni) Pezzano
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Could Mattis and Trump engineer a war with Iran?

Iran and the USA have a long history of antagonism and with Mattis along with Trump in charge a military option cannot be ruled out
Iran and the USA have a tortuous relationship that started worsening from 1979 when the Iranians stormed the US embassy and took over a 100 Americans as hostages. The antagonism is mutual and despite the best of efforts and sanctions, the Iranian regime has not collapsed. It started an aggressive nuclear program which alarmed America and its allies. President Obama was alive to the danger of an Iranian nuclear program and got into an agreement to rein in the program in return for the lifting of the sanctions. It has not really helped as Iran has gone ahead and tested an ICBM. President Trump has imposed fresh sanctions and also announced that he could consider other actions as well. He is now joined by general Mattis who heads the 1.3 million strong American military machine. Mattis was eased out by Obama just 10 months back because he had an Iran fixation. Now he is back as the defense secretary. With Mattis back and Trump is known for his antagonism to Iran, the situation is volatile...
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