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5 worst episodes of 'Supernatural'

Obviously this is an amazing TV show, however, it has had some ups and downs over 12 seasons.
After 12 seasons of "Supernatural," some of the episodes in it are bound to be skipped when binge-watching the show. The reasons that qualified the episodes for this list are diverse; however, they mostly consist of poorly written plots, weak substance or no substance at all, and uninteresting dialogues that might have made you skim through the episode. 5. 'Hibbing 911' One of the best recurring characters is Jody Mills, and we are quite glad that the "Supernatural" writers have not killed her off yet, but that episode was not her best. She went on from being a "weak victim" to a heroine, but in the episode where she paired with Brianna, things could have been executed better. It turned out to be somewhat bland and focusing on Donna without establishing her character was a rushed move from the show writers. Vampires are interesting, but that episode could have used a little more spice. 4. 'Bitten' This type of episode was meant to be different and incorporate "real footage," but it did...