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Tulsi Gabbard cleans Trump's clock with three crisp Saudi-related tweets

Hawaii congressperson Tulsi Gabbard is a mover and a shaker in a lackluster political environment
I woke up this morning with the name Tulsi Gabbard invading my mind. I figured it wasn't real. But I was on the case. Of course, it only took a second to see that there is a Tulsi Gabbard, pictured above. She is presently a member of Congress from Hawaii. She is many other things but in my book of life everything comes down to values and hers appear to be on the side of the angels. She is not alone. Anyone who values tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy is angelic if their acts and expressions are consistent. Tulsi trip My exploration continued on Twitter @TulsiGabbard where she has 150k followers. That registers less with me than the quality of her tweets. I only needed to read the first three to become interested. I am interested in anyone who actually is reasonable in criticism of the president. I am going to relay these tweets in order to see if you agree. Trump's harmful arms deal That's a pretty concise statement from a woman who was is actually a Captain who served in Iraq....