When Coronavirus struck, airlines suffered a huge setback because of Travel restrictions imposed by different countries. To remain relevant during that period, Qantas introduced a new concept of "flight to nowhere." It was to provide an opportunity for people to enjoy flying without leaving the borders of the country.

The flight took off from Sydney and returned to the same airport. It happened last October, and the tickets sold out within minutes. The "flight to nowhere" was a new concept in air travel during the coronavirus pandemic. CNN reports Qantas is now offering a newer version of "flight to nowhere." It will be a sort of a joy ride and allow Australian residents a chance to enjoy the late May supermoon and full lunar eclipse.

They could watch the scenes unfold before their eyes as the aircraft flies at an altitude of over 40,000 feet.

It will be a new concept in flight

Qantas said tickets for this unique flight sold out within minutes. The airline maintained a waitlist, but that is also closed. This flight is the latest in a series of trips that Qantas is operating to ensure that people do not lose the charm of flying. It is all about being in the air in one's own country with no worries of quarantine. The purpose of quarantine was to prevent the virus from spreading. However, it was a disturbance to one's travel itinerary because no one wants to be cooped up in a room when one is in a mood to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

CNN provides some details of the flight to watch the lunar eclipse. Once in the air, the passengers can enjoy some spectacular views of the moon. The airline said it would rope in an astronomer who would design the flight path over the Pacific Ocean to ensure the best views. She is CSIRO astronomer Dr. Vanessa Moss who would be present throughout to talk about the May 26 lunar event.

This flight of Qantas will focus on the lunar eclipse

Passengers on this flight would be treated to a new experience. It would focus on the total lunar eclipse and the only one of 2021. It would be visible over Australia, New Zealand, some Pacific territories apart from the US west coast. Experts say it is dangerous to look at a solar eclipse directly.

However, there is no such danger for a lunar eclipse. CNN clarifies that Qantas would make use of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

This aircraft has large windows, hence the choice. The duration of the flight would be around three hours. It would take off from Sydney, fly over the harbor, and head for the clouds to get the best possible view of the moon and the eclipse. There will be 100 passengers, and it will be mandatory for them to wear the mask and maintain social distancing while on board. Incidentally, a few other airlines have also conducted "flights to nowhere." All of them are waiting for the situation to improve so that their aircraft can begin normal operations.

Qantas and its novel idea of a flight

According to 9 News AU, Qantas has a novel idea of a flight to watch the moon during the lunar eclipse next month. It would be the second and last supermoon for 2021 and coincide with a total lunar eclipse. That would make it a rare and beautiful sight as the moon turns red against the night sky.

Qantas is proving to be popular among its customers because the airline is continuously innovating when travel options are limited. Incidentally, other airlines have also come up with new ideas. Singapore Airlines converted two stationary A380 superjumbos to restaurants. They wanted their patrons to relive the moments of being in an aircraft.